Trump Cards fell 10.3% as Donald Trump faces indictment in New York


  • The former US president faces a federal indictment for bribery of porn star Stormy Daniels.
  • Created by Trump Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee fundraiser.
  • Trump NFT Cards The floor price fell further by 10.3% in the last 24 hours to 0.545 Ethereum.

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is trying to make the most of the recent turmoil surrounding his alleged attempt to bribe adult movie star, Stormy Daniels. According to emails Trump has sent to his supporters, the charges related to Stormy Daniels are purely politically motivated. The victimized president then has to fight off “mad extremists with a witch hunt”, but not without the financial support of his fans.

And he is waiting resolution From the Manhattan Grand Jury this week, Donald decided to take advantage of the situation by asking his followers to pay at least $1 to support his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.

Stormy Times for Trump

In a recent email to a list of loyal fans, Donald Trump He explains the circumstances extensively from his point of view. “Please make a contribution of just $1 today to solidify your position as a founding advocate for our movement in what is truly the darkest chapter in our nation’s history,” implores the permanently tanned president.

The request for financial support did not bode well for Trump digital trading cardswhich was an instant hit upon launch, but later fell into disrepair after analysts on Crypto Twitter discovered that Don likely held around 90% of Trump Cards. for himself.

Moreover, Trump is also in trouble due to his allegations of leaking Mar-a-Logo documents. The D.C. District Court has officially ordered Trump’s attorney Evan Corcoran to testify before a grand jury, which is not uncommon in the US legal system.

Trump handcuffed to a session of Stormy Daniels?

despite of Donald Trump He himself predicted that the indictment would be filed on Tuesday, and that prediction was based on media leaks. Loyal Trump supporters gathered around the Manhattan Criminal Court as local law enforcement put up barriers around the building to maintain order. Several witnesses reported riots Exit in the area.

However, if enforcement is indeed done, Donald would like to be handcuffed and taken to court to see Stormy Daniels after taking a walk. As if that weren’t enough, Trump’s advisor team can’t decide if Trump asked Serious or not.

Donald denies having sex with the adult film actress, while the porn star claims the opposite. In the wake of the Manhattan Grand Jury’s final decision, Trump’s Digital Trading Cards (TRUMP) brought in daily trading volume From just $46,692.

but, Donald Accurately continues to sign on Trump business cardsas both NFT traders and the former president are hoping for a trip to the moon.

on the flip side

  • Some cryptocurrency aficionados on Twitter are speculating that Trump’s digital trading cards could skyrocket if Trump is actually re-elected.

Why should you bother

Influencers capturing their life moments and maintaining their fan base through NFTs is crucial for faster adoption of blockchain technology.

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