Trump is back on YouTube and using Facebook again

Back to Twitter? check. Back on Facebook and Instagram? Check and check.

Now, former President Donald Trump is allowed back on YouTube as well.

In an official statement released on Friday, YouTube announced that it will officially restore Trump’s access to his YouTube channel, enabling new videos to be uploaded to the account.

Reads YouTube’s statement issued at tweet(Opens in a new tab). “We carefully assessed the ongoing risks of real-world violence, while balancing voters’ opportunity to hear equally from key national candidates in the run-up to the election.”

“This channel will continue to be subject to our policies, just like any other YouTube channel,” the statement read. I continued(Opens in a new tab).

While some other social media platforms, such as Twitter, are just like that Removal Trump account After the events of January 6, YouTube allowed Trump’s channel to survive. However, a week later today, pro-Trump gangs stormed the Capitol, YouTube restricted Trump channel from uploading new content. The upload restriction imposed on Trump’s account was always meant to be temporary, yet the company persists extended Banned Trump from uploading new content.

YouTube’s approach was similar to Facebook’s, which, too Permissible To keep Trump’s page online while preventing the former president or his team from accessing the account.

And Trump is wasting no time capitalizing on these changes, either. The 45th president uploaded a video on his YouTube channel and on Facebook – his site first post(Opens in a new tab) On that platform too – within hours of making it back to YouTube.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business,” Trump says video(Opens in a new tab) posted, which is a clip from his speech on election night 2016. The title of the video is “I’m back!”

Thanks to YouTube’s decision, Trump has been allowed back on nearly every platform he was suspended from following the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. Elon Musk Reactivated Trump’s Twitter account in November last year, shortly after he acquired the company. meta Permissible Trump returned to Facebook and Instagram in January. And now YouTube has once again restored Trump’s ability to upload videos to its platform.

The same day, Trump released a video calling the 2020 election ‘stolen’ and [demanded] “The January 6 rebels have been released from prison, and YouTube has decided to allow him back on their platform,” Nicole Gill, CEO of the Accountable Tech group, said in a statement provided to Mashable.

the video(Opens in a new tab) which Gill is referring to, Trump posted to his Truth Social account on Friday morning. Over the past year, organizations like Accountable Tech and Media Matters for America have made work Criticize Moves from all of these social media companies to get Trump back on their platforms. By following his activity on Truth Social, they have established that, contrary to claims from the platforms that his behavior has changed, he is still sharing extremist content and misinformation about the US elections.

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