TSA agents found a knife “artfully hidden” inside a laptop computer

What is this nonsense?! Today’s gaming laptops are slimmer and lighter than the bulky machines of yesteryear, but it turns out they’re still big enough to hide a double-edged knife: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Virginia’s Richmond International Airport has finally made the troubling discovery. . week.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, a customer noticed the knife hidden inside the man’s handbag when it was x-rayed. The weapon was not found when the contents were examined, so each item was placed in the device separately until it was discovered hidden in a laptop computer. The man initially said he did not know the knife was there, but later admitted it was his.

“After obtaining the tools that could disassemble the laptop, a double-edged knife was found that had been ingeniously hidden inside the bowels of the computer,” Wrote.

tom devices notes G-Style Ltd. laptop battery. , a Taiwanese component supplier of Gigabyte Corporation. The lower case looks like an Aorus, which means the guy missed the opportunity to hide a blade inside a Razer Blade.

The TSA writes that the traveler, from Williamsburg, Va., now faces a severe federal civil financial penalty. In addition, if he is a member of TSA PreCheck, he will lose his privileges.

TSA Guidelines He stated that sharp objects such as knives and swords that fell under the category of plain elaborate concealment would result in a fine of between $530 and $2,250. But it’s possible that this case is supernatural concealment—the example in question is a book blown out to uniquely fit a prohibited item—which brings the fine to between $5,320 and $10,700.

Gigabyte detected a file Aurus 17X Back in April, a laptop that packed a 16-core Alder Lake-HX chip and a 3080 Ti, yet still measured just 1.18 inches thick, which might be enough to squeeze a knife into. If you want a laptop that really excels at concealment functionality, it’s with a curved screen Acer Predator 21X A few years ago with a maximum thickness of 3.3 inches it could hold an entire arsenal of different weapons (legal notice: please don’t attempt this).

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