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#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter is the travel community’s largest Twitter chat, taking place every Tuesday at 9:30 am/pm GMT.

(Use the hashtag #TTOT during the week for travel tweets!)

#TTOT – Chat: It happens *twice* every Tuesday: 9:30am and 9:30pm GMT

Check the world clock and meeting planner to see where that time is in your part of the world.

Simply copy and paste each question and tweet it at the right time. Then join the discussion and have fun!

Around 9:15 am GMT (or similar tweets):

Get ready for the #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter:! Today’s topic: “Photo tips”

Join the fun on Travel Talk on Twitter by searching for #TTOT on Twitter, then clicking on the “Most Recent” option.

Join the fun on TRAVEL TALK ON TWITTER. Search for #TTOT and tap on the “Latest” option. Find today’s 5 travel questions to discuss here:

Travel Talk on Twitter
TTOT = Travel Talk on Twitter

Travel Talk to Twitter questions

9:30 a.m. GMT:
Q1 via tangenghui: When traveling, what camera equipment do you usually take? #TTOT

9:40 a.m. GMT:

Q2 via @SonjaSwissLife: While traveling, do you prefer taking pictures of people and urban places including architecture or are you more drawn to photographing nature and landscapes? Tell us why you have these travel preferences, if any. #TTOT

9:50 AM and PM GMT:

Q3 via @TravelDudes: Share the travel photo you are most proud of and tell us why. #TTOT

10:00 AM & PM GMT:

Q4 via @SonjaSwissLife: What’s your best tip for photographing people in a place you’re visiting? #TTOT

10:10 a.m. GMT:

Q5 via tangenghui: What’s your top tip for getting a great photo every time? #TTOT

Next week’s topic to tweet about:

Be the first to suggest #TTOT #travel #chat questions and see yourself featured in the next #TTOT chat:
Next #TTOT topic: “Photo Tips”

Please help promote next week’s theme a few more times!

the following topics:

May 16: Photo tips
May 23: Explore locally
May 30: National parks
June 6: Unique architecture
June 13: Resorts / ecotourism destinations
June 20: Foodie World (best eating and cooking lessons)
June 27: Fill light
July 4: Views from above
July 11: Unusual city walking tours with a guide
July 18: Unique museums
July 25: Waste handling
August 1: Gap year
August 8: travel gifts
August 15: Wine travel
August 22: slow travel
August 29: Coffee, tea and travel

More info on Travel Talk on Twitter:

Travel Talk on Twitter is a social media travel event and social travel hashtag on Twitter. Look for the hashtag #TTOT

#TTOT Essentials for the event:

* There are two #TTOT sessions. Like that, all the tweeters traveling in every time zone can join in the fun! (And the fun doesn’t end just because #TTOT is over. Feel free to keep responding all day long.)

* The hosts will send 5 questions. Every 10 minutes there will be a new question.

Facebook page: On this page, you’ll be able to find out about the next topic, but even better… you can submit your questions and with a bit of luck, your question might be chosen for #TTOT! So, get creative! (And don’t forget to include your Twitter name so we can credit you during the event.)

#TTOT – hashtag:

Whenever you need any travel related assistance…
Whenever you have a question about your travels…
Whenever you tweet about travel…just add it to your tweet! It’s a short and very popular hashtag!

Travelers all over the world will search for it and also use it to tweet about their passion…


It’s not a single company hashtag…it’s yours…it’s a Social Travel Hashtag!

Throughout the week, you can use #TTOT to tag travel-related tweets to get attention from others in the #TTOT community. Twitter is about being social and it starts with a simple #TTOT.

# TTOT promises to you:

1) We pledge to be as open as possible.
2) We promise to take all criticism and ideas with the utmost seriousness and respect. Let us know if there’s anything you think should change so we can better serve our travel Twitter community.
3) We will not use your Tweets for any external posting without your knowledge and consent.

However, don’t be surprised if you end up in the #TTOT recap. If you were surprised, we hope you are happy. Please don’t assume #TTOT manages summaries, because we don’t. If you do not want to be included in the summary, contact that person directly.


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