Tuvalu relocates to the Metaverse to fight for existence

The first country to move to the Metaverse region

It saidTuvalu’s Foreign Minister Simon Coffey announced plans to replicate the islands and landmarks in Metaverse at the COP27 climate summit.

The politician argued that it was time to look for alternative solutions for the country’s survival in the face of rising sea levels. In addition, digital replicas can preserve a country’s culture and knowledge for future generations.

"Our land, our ocean, our culture are the most precious assets of our people, and to keep them safe from harm, no matter what happens in the physical world, we will move them to the cloud," explained about the project prime minister.

If the project is implemented, Tuvalu will become the first country to move to the entire Metaverse region. It will also join South Korea’s capital Seoul, and the Caribbean nation of Barbados, as early adopters of Metaverse on a national level.

The devastating effects of climate change

Rising ocean levels pose a threat to this small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Kofi captured worldwide attention when he addressed COP26 last year Standing knee-deep In the waters to demonstrate the vulnerability of Tuvalu to climate change.

At high tide, up to 40% of the metropolitan area is inundated. Scientists predict that the entire country is expected to be inundated by the end of the century. Covey has stated that he believes that by building a digital state, Tuvalu can continue to function as a state even if it is fully immersed.

The metaverse is expected to become an essential part of our daily lives. The use of VR and Web 3.0 may become a solution to make the World Heritage more accessible and to preserve it from destruction. Moreover, the value of the global metaverse market is expected to grow to around $730.5 billion by 2028.

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