Twitter is delaying turning the blue check mark back on


Twitter launch delays Blue Twitter repeatedlyand, when it finally returns, it may bring with it a new kind of “official” mark.

This is according to the CEO and owner of Twitter Elon Muskwho tweeted the news on Tuesday.

“Delay the relaunch of Blue Verified until there is a high level of confidence that impersonation will stop,” he said. “You’ll probably use different color-checking for organizations than for individuals.”

Given that Epic check mark on twitter It’s becoming increasingly difficult to follow, and here’s a mandatory summary.

The blue checkmark on Twitter is used to prove users’ identities. Soon after acquiring Twitter, Musk rendered the blue check mark mostly useless Which makes it an advantage to buy a Twitter Blue subscription, which means everyone can get Checkmark for $8 a month without any additional identity verification. Then after a wave of plagiarismTwitter has introduced an additional gray checkmark that says “Official” for certain accounts, as a way to do what the blue checkmark originally did: verify a user’s identity. then, Musk “killed” the “official” checkmarkBut the company brought it back Shortly thereafter.

Given the speed at which the entire endeavor was descending into chaos, Twitter decided it was best to do so Pull out Twitter Blue completely, which makes it impossible for most people to get any kind of check mark on their account. Musk rang, saying The feature will re-launch on November 29th To make sure it is very solid.

Yes, it looks like that summary might eventually end up being a thousand word affair. We are so sorry.

With Musk’s latest tweet, it appears that November 29 is definitely off the table. But the new colors are interesting not only because they will certainly further complicate things, but also for their meme potential (see below).

Anyway, if you’re hoping to get a blue checkmark, you’ll have to wait a while, and if you’re an organization, your checkmark might be purple, beige, lavender? Given that Fired bone of Twitter employees (or fired them with “extremist” demands), it’s (most likely) Elon’s call, so all bets are off.


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