Twitter is locking employees remaining out of offices after hundreds left following Elon Musk’s “hardline” ultimatum

In the context of: Elon Musk may regret firing half of Twitter’s employees after he took over the company, given reports that those who weren’t laid off have quit in droves. The departure appears to have been prompted by Musk’s recent announcement that employees must adhere to an “extreme” work culture or leave the company by 5pm yesterday. Now, Twitter has shut down those who have been left outside the company’s offices, over fears of vandalism by disgruntled former workers.

musk who recently fired engineer To argue with him publicly, he continued to endear himself to Twitter’s remaining employees on Wednesday when he gave them an ultimatum: say yes to a new, ultra-hardline “Twitter 2.0,” with 40-hour minimum weeks — they can average 60 hours or more — and intense workloads. , or leave the company with three months of termination. The staff was given until 5 pm the next day (Thursday) to make a decision.

Reports say that hundreds of Twitter employees said “thanks, but no thanks” to Musk’s generous offer to work twice as hard, and for much longer, with a significant reduction in the number of co-workers. Some estimates say that up to 75% choose to walk.

Internal grace period messages seen by CNBC Show other engineers and employees saying goodbye in the Water Cooler chat group. An anonymous person, who also tendered his resignation, claimed that Musk had to ask some of the senior engineers who chose to leave to consider staying.

“Entire teams representing critical infrastructure are leaving the company voluntarily, leaving the company in grave danger of its ability to recover,” said the engineer, adding that the only two people they knew who were staying at Twitter were doing so because the company had sponsored their company. visas.

The latest twist in this increasingly tragic saga came just hours ago when Twitter told employees that its office buildings would be closing and that it would immediately cut off access to the badge through Monday, November 21. , but it is said to be due to concerns that disgruntled former employees could sabotage the company.

As he has done in the past, Musk’s response to the Twitter crisis was to post a few memes mocking the situation. He also tweeted that usage of the site is at an all-time high (“lol”).

Musk was always expected to make some big changes to Twitter once he took office, but few could have foreseen the chaos that followed the world’s richest man as he walked into her offices with a wash under his arm. Check out everything that happened there last week, including warnings of possible bankruptcy, in this article.

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