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Twitter’s fact-checking program, Community Feedback, is now open to contributors in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Twitter said over the weekend that it is expanding its contributor base by 10% per week by getting new individuals into the program. The social media company also promised to include people from other countries.

Community Notes is intended to allow users to add more context to tweets through links and reports. The software has been widely used to debunk or correct claims made in popular tweets.

Twitter introduced a social fact-checking program Last year in the United States under the title “Bird Watching”. In September, Twitter He started adding more shareholders Before the US midterm elections. A month later, I made Notes posted by contributors that are visible to all users in the United States.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, he renamed “Birdwatch” to “Community Notes” — despite former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey thinking It’s the “most boring Facebook name ever”. Musk believes that the project “A game changer for improving accuracy on Twitter.”

In December, the social network said it was taking community feedback Visible to people all over the world. However, the contributions just came from users outside the US. With the latest announcement, the company is changing that. If anyone wants to join the program, Twitter requires them to have a verified phone number and an account that is six months old.

However, one requirement that seems to put people off is a “trusted network provider”. Many have complained that their network is not eligible and that Twitter does not have a list of trusted carriers. The company probably is Filter out carriers that facilitated spam accounts through SMS-based authentication. But in this case, it needs to be transparent about the process and work with network providers to avoid spam.

Last week, it also started showing these notes within quoted tweets on the iOS app and on the web.

Over the past few months, Twitter has also made several tweaks to the Community Notes algorithm, including Change the visibility of low-quality notesexpands Kind notes to contributorsand stability The degree of impact of the contributions.

After Musk’s acquisition, Twitter went offline Thousands of full time and contract jobs – Including people working on trust, security and content modification. This affected the social network’s ability to filter and thus retain harmful content Advertisers with high spending on the platform. So it’s not surprising to see the company pushing software that puts the burden of fact-checking on users’ shoulders.

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