Twitter Kansas Football asks hilarious Q&A during lightning delay

The Kansas Football Twitter account decided to have a little fun with users on Saturday after a lightning delay halted the Jayhawks’ game against Houston in the first half.

While fans were checking social media for updates on when play could resume, KU’s account helped them get past the time by doing an impromptu Q&A where no question was off limits. The responses provided a hilarious moment of hovering in the middle of what had been a tight game, 14 games up to that point.

KU’s Q&A touched on a number of topics, from the team’s favorite non-Big-12 competitor to one of social media’s most controversial mysteries: who is the hot dog. In fact Sandwich? But the most common question of the bunch came from a user who asked for dating advice, which KU answered like a best friend waiting to cheer you up after a long day.

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