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Elon Musk and his team of Twitter lawyers finally scored a win in one of the many court proceedings involving the eccentric owner of Tesla and Twitter. That former Twitter workers who were laid off and who then went on to file a class action lawsuitYou will need to follow their prompts individually. Basically, people alleging that Musk unfairly fired them will need to pursue individual arbitration.

Twitter's laid-off workers can't pursue claims via a class action lawsuit, and will need to file an individual lawsuit, depending on the rules.

Citing contracts the employees signed with Twitter, a judge ruled that employees fired by Elon Musk cannot sue the company in a class-action lawsuit, and will need to pursue their claims individually. Image credit: AFP

San Francisco District Judge James Donato ruled on Friday that five former Twitter employees seeking a proposed class action accusing the company of failing to provide proper notice prior to their layoffs following its acquisition by Elon Musk should pursue their claims in private arbitration.

Donato allowed Twitter’s request to force the five former employees to pursue their claims individually, citing agreements they signed with the company.

The San Francisco judge also noted that three additional former Twitter employees who claimed to have opted out of the company’s arbitration agreement had joined the lawsuit after it was first filed. It also allowed the parties, Twitter and the terminated employees one day’s time “as warranted by developments in the case” on whether the entire class action lawsuit should be dismissed.

On Monday, Shannon Liss-Riordan, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said she had already filed 300 claims to arbitration on behalf of former Twitter workers and could potentially file hundreds more. All of these employees maintain that they did not Getting the severance payments Twitter promised before Musk took over. Other workers claim they have been discriminated against on the basis of gender or disability.

As a result of a planned class action alleging that Twitter failed to provide sufficient notice before firing them, Donato previously decided that Twitter must tell the hundreds of employees who were let go after Musk’s takeover.

The judge said that before requiring workers to sign severance agreements that waive their ability to sue the company, Twitter must give them “brief notice and in clear words.”

To refresh everyone’s memory, Twitter laid off nearly 3,700 employees in early November in a cost-cutting measure by Musk, and hundreds have subsequently quit. After that, he also launched about 4,000 content moderators and Thousands of other employees have been forced to resign.

As a result of Musk’s acquisition of the company in December last year, Twitter has also been charged with a number of legal offenses, including discriminating against women in layoffs and failing to pay promised severance pay.

At least three complaints against Twitter have been filed with the American Labor Council, alleging that employees were allowed to speak out against the company, attempt to organize a strike, and other actions covered by federal labor law.


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