Two good ways to create simple and focused websites

Portions of this post originally appeared late last year in an issue of mine Ed Tech Weekly Newsletter.

I am often asked to provide recommendations for simple website builders that teachers and students can use to create small websites. The purpose is not to share everything they did and make you rate it. Tools like Seesaw and Spaces are good for this. The purpose of these types of sites is to share photographs, biographies, videos they have made, or awards and references they have received.

Google Sites is good for creating simple sites, but it still has a long way to go. Services like WordPress and Wix are great, but they have more menus and options than what is needed for a fast and simple site. Fortunately, there are some good tools that students can use to quickly create simple, good-looking websites to showcase their work and share a little about themselves. Here are a couple worth trying. It is an easy-to-use tool for quickly creating simple and good-looking websites. I used to make a little photography demo website in less than ten minutes. It looks much better than anything I could have built with Google Sites or WordPress. Watch this short demo Find out how you can create a portfolio site with

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) has a web page builder that offers a great way to create simple websites in which your students can include images, text, and videos. Consider asking your students to arrange their pages chronologically so that the top of the page shows their work at the beginning of the year, then as viewers scroll down they see your students’ latest work. Click here for a video tutorial About how to use Adobe Express to create a simple website.

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