Uber works with automakers to develop ride-sharing and delivery vehicles

What just happened? Uber reignites its romantic relationship with the auto industry. During a recent Wall Street Journal-hosted event, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said his company is working with automakers to develop electric vehicles optimized for city use, thus ride-sharing and delivery.

The Uber-inspired ride-sharing vehicles feature low top speeds and seating areas where riders can face each other. Khosrowshahi said that the top speeds of many cars today are not necessary for city driving. Reconnecting with this capability can reduce the total cost of the vehicle.

Uber is also considering two- or three-wheelers with trunk space. Their smaller footprint will be able to easily pass traffic, Khosrowshahi He saidIt also has a lower environmental impact than a full-size car that delivers groceries.

Khosrowshahi declined to comment on which automakers Uber works with.

Uber was once at the forefront of the field of self-driving, driven by the belief that self-driving vehicles could revolutionize its business. However, in 2018, it shared one of its self-driving vehicles with a safety driver behind the wheel at the wheel fatal collision with a pedestrian. The company paused testing later that year but eventually Sold Its self-driving division to Aurora Innovation for $4 billion.

The car initiative could also help Uber accelerate its goal of converting its fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles to electric vehicles in most markets by 2030.

Khosrowshahi was also among the first Warning from rocky water In front of the big tech companies. Last May, he announced spending cuts and began cutting back on hiring. As the months go by, we’re starting to see big tech companies shed thousands of employees in an effort to correct overstaffing during the pandemic.

The latest developments, Microsoft It said it will cut its workforce by 10,000 jobs through the end of fiscal ’23 in the third quarter. earlier this month, Amazon She confirmed that she was saying goodbye to 18,000 employees and meta About 11,000 workers were laid off late last year.

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