Ubisoft Gives Stadia Customers Free GeForce NOW Ultimate Trial – Geek Review

The NVIDIA logo on a range of Ubisoft game artwork.
Nvidia, Ubisoft

After closing Stadia, Ubisoft announced its plan to Transfer customer purchases from cloud games to the Ubisoft Connect platform. Now, Ubisoft is emailing these customers a free one-month trial of NVIDIA GeForce NOW Ultimate.

Unlike Stadia, which required the purchase of games or premium memberships, NVIDIA GeForce NOW lets you stream games you already own on PC. All you have to do is associate your Steam, Epic, or Ubisoft Connect account with GeForce Now.

That’s a pretty generous promotion. A month of GeForce NOW Ultimate usually costs $20, and it supports 4K streaming at 120Hz with graphics similar to those found in a PC equipped with an RTX 4080. (However, most customers will end up with graphics equivalent to the RTX 3080, as NVIDIA is still building out its RTX 4080 platform.)

we They liked it of the level of GeForce NOW Ultimate when we reviewed it last week. However, we assume that customers will opt for the “Priority” membership once the trial period ends, as it offers a higher quality experience for half the price of “Ultimate”.

If you purchased a Ubisoft game on Stadia, check your email now to get that free trial. Note that you need to redeem the trial before March 31st, and that your GeForce NOW account will revert to the “Free” tier when the trial is complete.

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