Uniswap survey reveals barriers to DeFi, but users are eager to experiment


  • Centralized exchange (CEX) users show a strong inclination towards DeFi.
  • Uniswap Labs survey paves the way for understanding the future of DeFi adoption.
  • The survey still shows major barriers to adoption.

As centralized exchanges face increasing regulatory pressure, users are looking forward to it decentralized finance (DeFi) as an alternative. A recent survey conducted by him Uniswap Labs revealed a Strong interest in DeFidespite the perceived barriers to entry.

The study, published on Tuesday, May 16, found that many users of centralized services are open to trying DeFi. However, better learning materials are better user experience (UX), and support will help them overcome the learning curve.

CEX users are eager to learn and explore DeFi

Although it persists Alcohol marketNearly half of CEX users surveyed expressed their willingness to try DeFi protocols.

Percentage of existing DeFI users who can use Cefi.
Source: Uniswap.

Fewer users indicated other reasons that might motivate them to engage with DeFi. For example, about 30% of CEX users said they would be willing to use DeFi if they were offered lower fees.

Values ​​play a role in DeFi adoption as well. Specifically, about 15% of CEX users indicated that their values ​​would make them more likely to use DeFi. Meanwhile, about 25% of DeFi users said the same.

Lack of understanding is the biggest DeFi barrier for CEX users

The survey also asked users about perceived barriers to DeFi. Interestingly, most CEX users cite a lack of understanding as their biggest barrier. In particular, 42% of CEX users cited a lack of understanding that they do not use DeFi for all of their trades. In contrast, only 32% cited fees as the cause.

Uniswap survey responses.
Source: Uniswap.

For DeFi users, the situation is reversed. And 45% indicated that low fees sometimes attract them to centralized exchanges. At the same time, more than 34% also said that a lack of understanding prevents them from relying exclusively on DeFi.

Uniswap Labs has concluded that there is significant interest among centralized exchange users to try DeFi, despite the perceived complexity and costs. They believe the focus on user experience, educational resources, and enhanced support will play a vital role in making this transition smoother.

The survey included four categories: non-crypto users, CEX users, DeFi users, and mixed users. It had 1,860 participants, reflecting the demographics of the United States.

on the flip side

  • Uniswap’s study focused mostly on retail users in the US. Although it is a large market, it may not accurately reflect DeFi trends globally.
  • While nearly half of CeFi users are interested in trying DeFi, this still means that many users remain hesitant. Moreover, the results indicate that many users do not see the benefits of DeFi.

Why is this important

For DeFi platforms and developers, these insights can guide the development of more user-friendly platforms and strategies to drive adoption.

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