Unofficial FSR 2.0 release arrives in several other games including Dying Light 2, RDR 2, and Death Stranding


In the context of: Since AMD made its FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 upgrade technology open source, modifiers have come up with ways to manually add it to games that feature Nvidia’s rival DLSS. While not perfect, the mods do bring drastic performance and visual improvements to users who don’t have Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

after the modr added FSR 2.0 For Cyberpunk 2077 by replacing the game’s DLSS implementation, they assumed the same would be possible for any modern title that includes DLSS.

This theory is now paying off, with the work of an AMD developer death strandAnd the Red Dead Redemption 2And the Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyAnd the Metro Exit: Enhanced EditionAnd the death light 2And the Horizon Zero DawnAnd the control.

For now, the mod has to be customized for each game, but the creators of the Cyberpunk Edition too development global situation. Users install it by replacing some DLSS files with modified FSR files, and then activating DLSS in the game menu.

Initially, the Cyberpunk mod only offered one FSR quality setting, but multiple resolutions are available for Dying Light 2 and Death Stranding. In the last game, tests show the sharpest benefits of 4K but it drops significantly at 1080p. The developer behind the release of Red Dead warns that using it online could get you banned and that it doesn’t work through Vulkan.

It would still be better if the developers of these games officially added FSR 2.0, because these mods have some bugs. However, the modifications prove that formal implementation may not be that difficult.


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