Vox’s Policy Podcast, The Weeds, announces host Jonquilyn Hill

Vox Editor-in-Chief Swati Sharma and Executive Director of Audio Catherine Wells announced today that Jonquilyn Hill will be the next host of the editorial brand’s popular weekly podcast. Weed. Hale, who has been temporary host since September, will bring listeners into our national conversation, with a deep dive into the politics that shape our world. Speaking with academics, historians, experts, and policymakers, as well as colleagues from Vox and herbs Listeners, you will be looking at everything from the state of democracy and our economic future to immigration and climate change. to her the first episode As the official host of today’s show, given our current voting rights law and political landscape.

Weed is a cornerstone of Vox’s mission to enable our audiences to better understand the world around them,” says Sharma. “We are excited to usher in a new era in Weed With a host who fully understands the importance of fostering inclusive conversations about the decisions that shape our country and our world.”

“Jonquillin brings years of experience as an audio journalist covering government, politics, and politics,” Wells says. “From the moment she began hosting the show, we have been blown away by her ability to breathe life into the policy decisions that shape our daily lives. I am incredibly excited for the next chapter of the show, and I can’t think of a better person to lead it.”

Hill joined Vox last year as a senior producer on the show’s slate, which includes its daily news broadcasts Explain today and display the flag inexplicable. She joined the site from WAMU, where she produced the news programme 1 a hosted through cracks, An investigative podcast series that looks at the gaps in our society and the people who fall into them. Hill has held roles at NPR, where she worked on the 2016 election desk, as well as NBC’s Washington bureau and Time Warner Cable News, where she covered White House and Washington-based government affairs, politics, and politics. She was part of PRX’s Project Catapult, a public media podcast accelerator that encourages public radio stations across the country to create meaningful programming for their communities.

“I am very happy to sit in it Weed host chair. I’ve listened to the podcast on all iterations, and it’s been a useful and interesting deep dive into the politics that shape our world,” Hill says. “At a time when the systems we have are more confusing than ever, I’m excited to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter.” along with our listeners.”

In her time as temporary host of the WeedHill hosted episodes about cryptocurrency regulationsAnd Recreational marijuanaAnd inflation, among others. New episodes of the show are available weekly, every Tuesday an AppleAnd Spotifyor wherever you get your podcasts.

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