Voyager Digital reportedly plans to liquidate 38 cryptocurrencies in the future by CoinEdition


Voyager Digital reportedly plans to liquidate 38 cryptocurrencies in the future
  • Voyager Digital reportedly plans to liquidate 38 crypto assets.
  • Details were shared by crypto entrepreneur, Joshua Geek.
  • Jake: Some of the 38 cryptocurrencies include ALGO, ATOM, AVAX, WAVES, LUNA, etc.

Voyager Digital reportedly plans to liquidate 38 cryptocurrencies. The warning was shared by a crypto entrepreneur named Joshua Geek.

According to the details mentioned in the screenshot shared by Jake, the assets will be liquidated on or after the “Effective Date”. The list of icons is also mentioned in the screenshot. The full list includes $ALGO, $ATOM, $AVAX, $BTT, $CAKE, $CELO, $CKB, $DGB, $DOT, $EGLD, $EOS, $FIL, $FLOW, $HBAR, $ICP, and $ICX $IOTA, $KAVA, $KSM, $LUNA, $LUNC, $INFO, $ONT, $OP, $OTUM, $RAY, $ROSE, $SOL, $TRX, $IVET, $WAVES, $XLM, XMR $, XTZ $, XVG $, ZEC $, ZEN.

Coins mentioned in the list are at risk of being liquidated because they are not supported by Voyager. The screenshot Jake shared was taken from the important update Voyager shared on May 8 regarding initial customer refunds.

According to the announcement, the estimated initial refund amount for the customer’s claim is 35.72%. It is important to note that this is only an estimate, and the actual recovery percentage may vary widely. Initially, customers will receive refunds in the form of supported coins, USDC for unsupported coins, and VGX. Alternatively, customers may also choose to receive cash instead.

Voyager also mentioned the list of supported currencies on the platform. The platform also mentioned a window to withdraw any cryptocurrency and other frequently asked questions, including what happens to VGX, why users can’t receive all their crypto, etc.

Additionally, Voyager has stated that if users prefer to receive their initial refund in US dollars only, they don’t have to take any additional steps. They also stated that once the 30-day cryptocurrency withdrawal window expires, their account will be liquidated, and they will be provided with US dollars. Voyager also mentioned that it can be made with either a check or a potential ACH withdrawal.

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