Warriors GM Myers says the team “unequivocally” wants to keep Green (and Poole and Wiggins)

2022 Golden State Warriors Victory Parade &  gathering

2022 Golden State Warriors Victory Parade and Rally

Things are about to get expensive in the Golden State.

Things were really expensive — the NBA record Warriors paid more than $350 million in player salaries and welfare taxes last season. This season they will have the bill at the same stadium. But there are limits to what even Joe Lacob and Peter Guber (the owners of the Warriors) will spend, even with the cash cow filling their bank accounts with the new Chase position. Stephen Curry About to start a $215.4 contract extension without a second thoughtAnd the Klay Thompson in the extreme, Andrew Wiggins In the The last year of the maximum is extended and most likely At a slightly lower price but still expensive, and Jordan Paul It is in order to stretch and though the man’s limit is a bridge to the future. It all led to some kind of interesting speculation:

Will the Warriors have to break up the squad soon? could Draymond Green Be the weird guy out there?

Green is also eligible for an extension now, but GM Warriors Bob Myers denied his exit, spoke to Athletic’s Tim Kawakami.

“No, no, I would say unequivocally (he) is not a man to look at and say he would not be,” Myers said. “Now, at some point, decisions will have to be made. But as to his importance to this organization and what he has done, we will do our best to keep him in the fold…

“Draymond, surely it’s obvious to anyone what he’s done for us. I can never just sit here and say, ‘Well, he won’t be around.’ I can’t even get the words out of my mouth.”

Green is set at $25.8 million this season and it is widely expected to opt out of the $27.6 million player option he has next season. The Warriors can extend this deal by four years, $138.4 million ($34.6 million on average per year), which is a lot for a 32-year-old but also less than what Curry and Thompson will make (both exceeding $40 million this season) . Green isn’t the offensive player he was six or seven years old (7.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 7 assists in last season’s game), but that’s not the end of the floor he made his money on – he was the defensive player a year ago until injury hits .

There are many questions: will the warriors put this maximum stretch on the table? Will Green take it? Does Green think there could be a bigger contract for him as a freelancer next summer? Green brings a very specific skill set to the table as a defender and passer, but it’s not suitable for every system, how many teams would a huge show for him?

The bigger question remains, where will the Warriors make the cuts? Upon exiting the title, they wisely gather the band once again to chase another episode, and They’re betting they’d prefer to get out of the West. But with Green, Wiggins and Poole back in the fold, the 2023-24 Warriors could see salaries and taxes rise north of $400 million, a number they’re even dismissing. Changes have to come from somewhere. It’s something to watch as they sign players for the extensions before the start of this season, with an eye on the future.

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