Warriors trained in combat stemming from Paul’s behavior, according to the report

With the start of the NBA preparatory season, the defending champions were said to have suffered a bit from the infighting between key players. The team is said to be considering disciplinary action against Draymond Green after he and Jordan Poole were also Involved in a physical altercation On Wednesday, according to a report by the athlete. The disagreement is said to stem from behavior on Paul’s part.

according to Chris Hines Yahoo SportsTension was rising between Paul and his teammates, who noticed a change in Paul’s behavior during training camp. There has been speculation that the change stems from Paul being on the verge of securing a contract extension.

The incident occurred during a practice that was paused to allow the situation to calm down, according to the report. Although Green and Paul are known to commonly argue with each other, the Warriors management is concerned about an escalation on Wednesday.

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