Watch a YouTuber’s dream finally reveal his face

The popular YouTuber’s dream has been a household name among gamers for years – but they never knew what it looked like. Until Sunday, when he revealed his face in a long-awaited video that garnered more than a million views in less than 45 minutes.

“What do I do?” Dream said in a five-minute video clip before his face appeared. “Do I just cut the first aid kit on and off?”

He stopped and joked around, hiding under a hood and a smiling mask, and eventually threw the mask off for a minute and 17 seconds to reveal a dark-haired young man, who introduced himself as Clay, without giving a last name.

Dream makes YouTube videos and streams them on Twitch and is famous for their Minecraft videos. His multiple YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, with 30.4 million subscribers to his main channel. Received a YouTube Streamy Game Award in 2020 and 2021.

He may not have shown his face before, but he has definitely faced some controversy, including a fraud charge in 2020 involving sprints. It is a long and complex issue with an extension All website dedicated to it, If you need more details.

“That’s me,” he said on Sunday after showing his face. “Unless you’re an actor.”

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