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  • Nischal Shetty, CEO of WazirX tweets about building and developing the Web3.0 community.
  • He has been actively sharing his tips on building a new generation ecosystem on Twitter (NYSE 🙂 for 228 days.
  • The founder of WazirX is now building the EVM Shardeum platform.

Nischal Shetty, founder and CEO of Indian crypto-asset exchange WazirX, spent 228 days sharing his tips on building web3.0 platforms, the metaverse, and communities with his Twitter audience. His last tweet on September 17 discussed the importance of letting your community build while developing a decentralized platform.

He further explained how central platforms such as Twitter, Facebook (NASDAQ :), iOS and Android were initially supportive of developers, with Twitter being the first to enable APIs for users. However, they soon began to restrict and compete with the development ecosystem and started building features of third-party applications.

Shetty is very active on Twitter, sharing his knowledge and building decentralized platforms throughout the day. In today’s Tweet #226, he congratulated the team behind the merger event as the network has been upgraded to a less power-hungry technology.

In another tweet, the CEO emphasized what Web2.0 Web3.0 offers in a number of lessons, including growth hacking, growth tools, analytics, other SAAS, and people culture. Shetty had also previously emphasized that Web1.0 was about providing information to the public, while Web2.0 was about building a social network, as opposed to Web3.0 which focused on creating a valuable network.

Nischall is a big fan of decentralization. He often talks about DAOs and their ability to provide unanimously decided leadership, solving the question of “who will lead” in situations where users only want to be involved and not the boss.

Currently, Shetty is busy building Shardeum, an EVM-based, linear scalable smart contract platform that enables low gas fees. Shardeum uses dynamic state hashing to maintain true decentralization and strong security.

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