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What are you up to this weekend? I’m having dinner with my friend AllisonAnd she told me that I could put it on her child to bed. I can’t wait to have a heavy head on my shoulders, squeeze. Thank you also for the kind and wonderful comments on Our house tour. I felt surprisingly vulnerable when you posted it – not sure why – but you always make everything sound like a soft landing. Thank you. Hope you have a good link, here are some from around the web…

Dinner tonight without a second thought.

How do people find time to read so much? “Because there are so many other things I don’t do,” Pandora Sykes explains..

What a beautiful dress for a night out.

Hot Crown Prince William just dropped. (NYMag)

How does Melissa McCarthy travel?. “I hate it when everybody stares at the baby…it’s a baby! I’m always the creepy one who says, ‘If you want me to hold the baby, I will.’ And they’re like, ‘We don’t know you, ma’am.’”

Did you try this Famous chopped salad?

Now that’s a bed.

What makes me happy is my very old dog, says Gabrielle Zevin. “Our wonderful vet made the following diagnosis: ‘What you have is a good dog.’ Nothing has a killer frank. He’s old. That’s it. And old is not a disease. Old is old.”

Are you going to do your wedding makeup? I loved this tutorial.

21 stunning Oscar looks, including Angela Bassett and Paul Mescal. (NYTimes gift link)

Plus three comments for readers:

says Jessica Best book to put in the guest bedroom: “I am offering Field Guide to the Dumb Birds of North America. It sounds silly, but I gave it to my mom one year ago, and now everyone who visits her ends up buying their own copy. People laugh so hard they cry. This book is a delight. “

Mary says Best book to put in the guest bedroom:”The Book of Delights By Ross Gay (Just great mini-essays! I can’t keep quiet about this book!). Plus a surprising option: a really good dessert cookbook, or any cookbook with good photos and gossip intros. It’s such a fun thing to run around in before bed! “

Lauren says My relationship with birthdays: “I felt like a slacker at 21, when I didn’t finish a draft of my first novel, like Jane Austen. Then I was 42, like you never do. In an article I was writing about robot cats (a long story), I stumbled upon Spinoza’s concept of Connatus , or striving for every moving thing to become itself; the righteous/moral life is the life one lives according to one’s nature. With every Christmas I come to myself, and see that now for the good fortune that it is.” Sarah replies: “Another interrupter from Lorraine O. Something I’ve thought about many times but just can’t find the words for.”

(Photo by Megan Carey/Stocksy.)

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