We have the Jungalow designed with Opalhouse’s spring collection here!


Are you ready for this? I am so excited to share the latest Jungalow Designed with Opalhouse collection available at Target. I’m sure this is our biggest drop yet – this New Group he is hundreds Pieces designed to bring joy, fun and color to your home. The concept behind this collection is the “Sacred Garden”. I guess this can mean different things to different people, but what it means to me is that my home is my sacred space, where I am who I am without any apology, where I am as crazy as I want to, and, well, go wild. in new book, I begin with the phrase, “Your home is like a garden, it must be planted to create the conditions for healthy growth.” I’m really trying to embody that idea through this collection.

In this sacred garden, there is a large size garden mushroomAnd the flowers And the butterflies.

We can cover our walls In the symbolic sunset of the palm tree…

The The sun is shining warm And we… going out with friends On park benches. And for the first time since the launch of the Jungalow Designed With Opalhouse collection, we now have it too numerator!

sunflower vanity mirror black and white bathroom mirror

We also enjoyed experimenting with simple ways to transform our regular bathrooms. From Patterned Towels with Comfortable Coversto me Beautiful brass bathroom accessoriesshower curtains that will make your windows jealous – this collection brings you serene vibes.

There are so many fun ways to layer this bed together. We’ve designed the collection to seamlessly blend and match for that layered, layered look. So what if you want to go crazy with color Or enjoy a fun photographic moment in black and whitewe got you.

Love all the special details… the fringe decorations and fabrics that * * * * are soft and whimsical Candles Which will transport you to the sacred garden with the scent of lemon verbena and eucalyptus – we hope the collection will delight the senses!

photo from photography Gina Bively

floral dishes | sun serving bowl | Melamine salad bowls | melamine dinner plates
set of dishes | woven bedspreads | geometric table runner

photo from photography Gina Bively

But wait there is more! We also have a new table top set – for both outdoors and indoors (which is good because I want to use these everywhere!). these “gmy daughters” Come in these multicolored sets that bring me so much joy because I feel you can have the best table setting on earth, add these glasses and you have an instant festive feeling.

photo from photography Gina Bively

palm table cloth | rattan serving tray | dining chair | petal ceiling necklace

sunset woven wall hanging | textured chair | Mushroom poo | Embroidered Rectangular Pillow
throw palm table | rattan console table | butterfly wall sculpture | petal floor lamp | sunbathing rug
brass desk | sun rug | floral dishes | Mirror | glass & ceramic candles | scented diffuser
rolling chair | floral wall art | stone tone table | Photo frame | embossed teal planter
terra cotta planter | Palermo wardrobe | geometric pillow | fringe necklace | geometric rug

We really poured our hearts into this one and we hope you love it as much as we do! You can head over to view the group Now flip all your favorites so you can easily add them to your cart on the 20th when we officially launch our Spring Collection!
xoxo ~ justina


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