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Wednesday wallpaper 2023 01 25

Scott Brown/Android Authority

Welcome to Wednesday Wallpapers! In this weekly roundup, we’ll introduce you to a handful of Android wallpapers You can download and use on your phone, tablet or even your laptop/PC. Pictures will come from the people here at Android Authority So are our readers. All of them are free to use and come without watermarks. The file formats are JPG and PNG, and we will provide images in landscape and portrait modes, so they will be optimized for different screens.

For the most recent walls plus all walls from previous weeks, Check this Drive link. Want to submit your own? Head to the bottom of this article.

Wallpaper Wednesday: January 25, 2023

Another week, another collection of cool Android wallpapers to share! Remember, we are always looking for submissions from our readers. Head to the bottom of this article to find out how you can feature one of your photos in your next Wednesday wallpaper!

We have three great images from our readers that will look great on your phone, tablet, or computer. As usual, we also have some photos from Android Authority Team.

First, we have a great photo of Tarucus calinara — aka the Beirut spotted moth — from a reader Mamata Mahatari. Next, we have a shot of some rainy leaves in Tokyo from reader Love Raina. Finally, we have a great minimalist image created by Rajat Kumar. Thank you very much for your submissions, all!

from Android Authority Team, we have a nice shot of some stuffed animals from Edgar Cervantes. We also have a great image of some graffiti art as photographed by Rita El Khoury. Finally, we have an amazing photo of an aquatic creature from Jonathan Feist.

Make sure to download these images in high resolution from This drive link!

How to submit your own Android wallpapers

We are so excited to see your contributions to the Wallpaper Wednesdays project. Before submitting, here are the rules:

  • Your submissions must be of your own making. That means photos you’ve taken, digital art you’ve created, and so on. Please do not submit other people’s work. This is not cool.
  • You must agree to allow Android Authority Share Android wallpapers for free with anyone who wants them.
  • We will not accept watermarked images. However, you will get credit and a link in the article itself. We can link to your website, your Twitter, your Instagram, etc.

Ready for delivery? Send us an email via Click here. You will need to include the highest resolution version of the image that you can provide, your name, and a brief description of what the image is. If you’d like us to link to a page you own in your credits, please provide that as well, but this is optional.


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