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  • New York times It featured Michelle Obama’s personal tailor, Christy Rilling, who started her own line.
  • The Wall Street Journal We shared five business benefits that you will see in the future.
  • Atlantic Ocean Explain how leaving work can lead to grief.
  • CNBC Common tips on planning a happy retirement.
  • The Wall Street Journal Note that “the search for a safe place to save money has led Americans to rediscover the most vanilla financial product: the Certificate of Deposit.”
  • Wired Explore the ageism and fear of aging found on TikTok.
  • Speaking of aging, BBC News You mentioned that more technology companies are focusing on creating menopause-related products.
  • The Daily Beast I looked at the fan backlash against Netflix’s cancellation of director Nancy Meyers’ new movie, Paris Paramountwhich would have been the most expensive rom-com ever.
  • Laughter of the week comes from belladonnaby “Deciphering the Mystical Significance of Your Student Loans.”

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