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  • a Fashion designer The author wrote about trying “facial balancing,” a combination of Botox and fillers, before her wedding.
  • CNN He participated in an editorial announcing the appearance of martha stewart in Sports IllustratedThe swimsuit issue was “progress in a limited way”.
  • The Wall Street Journal The knitted shorts were featured by Hi Sport, which nominated her for the “Women’s Work Pants Hall of Fame.” They’ll cost you, though — they’re $860.
  • The Wall Street Journal Also explain why employers do the wrong thing in hot offices.
  • bloomberg He noted that men and women with MBA degrees “see a salary increase immediately after they receive their degrees. But gender gaps in salary and promotion quickly appear and widen within a few years of graduation, especially for women of color.”
  • NPR He detailed how the glut of empty office space across the United States could hurt the economy even further.
  • a luck An editorial stated that flexible working is feminist.
  • Washington Post He recommended nine less crowded summer vacation destinations.
  • Laughter of the week comes from belladonnawith “a ruthlessly calming meditation to banish your stress.”

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