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  • Marie Claire Talk to dermatologists about laser treatments for acne scars.
  • US News & World Report Explain how to deal with holiday stress when you are at work.
  • ABA Magazine Asked if online classes were responsible for low success rates for first-time bidders in at least 31 jurisdictions (h/t to above the law).
  • New York times It reported that for the first time in its 180-year history, women in the New York Philharmonic outnumbered men, 45 to 44.
  • AP News She reported that pregnant women with serious medical conditions go to hospitals and doctors’ offices only to be denied the abortions that could help treat them.
  • Washington Post I’ve noticed that even among couples who share a progressive gender policy, it’s rare for men to give up their surname.
  • time He said it is 40% more expensive to be single today than it was a decade ago.
  • Anne Helen Petersen It looked at the quantitative and qualitative differences in the ways in which men and women experience leisure (and it is more interesting than this one-sentence summary makes to sound).
  • market surveillance I offered nine alternatives to Twitter, from Mastodon to Post.

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