What are you hunting for Black Friday?


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Here’s a fun question for the day: What are you hunting for in the upcoming sales – Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday? Have you scored any amazing deals in the past?

For me. $02, we’ve got some big holiday purchases to make that I’m hoping to put up for sale—a new cell phone for my husband, a MetaQuest for the kids, a new rug to replace an old one, and maybe a new lamp or two for specific locations.

In the past, some of the best deals I’ve scored have included a bunch of blogging tools and services (I think I saved $1,000 on my own in one year), as well as some home stuff for the kids. (Especially for larger toys that are sold out in lots of places – find out the exact name of the product you want and then use Google shopping to find the lowest price. A friend of mine used to get $800 outdoor play set, but she had to buy it through Really random online store.)

In general, my best advice is to think big – furniture, mattresses, tech, etc – but know what you want to get into (and what the going rate is). Even if it’s only a 10%+ free shipping deal, it can be a huge savings on furniture or the like.

One more thing I’d suggest, especially if there are smaller beauty, art, clothing, or whatever brands you’d like to try, is to get their newsletter — I squeezed in a bunch of ecoSlay products last year for curls I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s because they sell well. I probably got Our place pan During last year’s sales, as well as Roana Brooks Brothers a few years ago.

What about you guys – what sites are you going to check out to find the best deals? Do you focus mostly on gifts for others, or buying for yourself? In retrospect, where did you get the best deals?


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