What are your Meet-in-the-Middle offers?

Master of nothing

These days, one of my simple pleasures is my husband and end-of-day rituals. We curl up on the couch with a treat in hand – a mug of cookies and ice cream for Max and a ramekin of chocolate chips for me – wrap ourselves in blankets, indulge in Survivor Season Eighteen.

I know we’re 20 years behind the Survivor hype, but after seeing a preview of monkeys screaming and people battling it out in the rain, we know that white lotus Creator Mike White competed in one season, it got us hooked.

The rest of the evening, we debate which one of us is more strategic and can last longer on the island (Max), gasp over blind votes (betrayal!) and laugh at the contestants’ offhand comments. Later in bed, I fall asleep feeling the way I always do after reaching a new point of intimacy with someone I love, giddy and content.

This past month has been really interesting – but also extraordinary. It’s rare to find a show we love. Before Survivor, our typical evening finds one of us watching a show on TV, while the other isn’t browsing on the phone.

Fortunately, there is hope. a Reader named Lisa She shared a great strategy for watching TV with her husband. “We have painfully different tastes. So, on Saturday evenings, we take turns choosing a movie. The picker makes three choices, and the other person makes the final decision.”

Also, remember this Genius movie selection advice? One person gets to keep choosing the movie as long as the other person likes the last movie. Once they don’t, you switch.

Over the six years we’ve been together, Max and I still haven’t installed a system that helps us choose shows. But we have built a great list:

Queen’s maneuver
big enough – “It’s funny to watch young children learn how to solve problems,” says Max.
Broad City
Master of nothing
observer – This mysterious plot is scary and scary. Whenever we finished an episode, I would check all the locks in our house.
Emily in Paris
most expensive – in every episode, Rapper 2 Chainz It tests products made for 1%. Then he gives his honest and funny remarks.
Seinfeld – This show has brought us to the beginning of the pandemic.
Poor disguise
The fastest car – I don’t usually like car shows, but the suspense of whether a 1984 Chevy trick truck can smoke a $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan gets my heartbeat every time!

TV shows for couples

Next on our list after Survivor is This clever and poignant comedywhich follows a therapist (Jason Segel) who is grieving his late wife and trying new things at his clinic.

What are the offers for get-togethers between you and your partner/roommates/children? Recommendations very welcome!

Note Infidelity, Netflix style And The ultimate TV guide.

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