What do Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly’s contracts look like so far in 2022?

Forty names, games, teams, and minute details are making news in college football, where Eastern Kentucky deserves its NBC contract after beating Bowling Green, beating Marshall, beating Notre Dame:

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Second Quarter


It was a record-breaking off-season event for coaches’ contracts, resetting the market and mocking sports directors’ judgment about the financial ruin of the pandemic. what started with Huge increase for Mel Tucker in Michigan Through three coaches with National Championship rings he broke the $11 million-a-year barrier this summer.

With the influx of wage increases, comes an inevitable rise in expectations. It’s early days, but ROI questions can be asked. Dash checks the coaches with the top 10 new or modified deals of 2022.

Jim Harbo (11)Michigan.

Reported salary: $7.05 million, or $583,333 per game in the regular season.

Record: 3–0.

Good gains so far: none.

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