What do you wear on first dates?


clothes before sunrise

clothes before sunrise

I was recently scrolling through Instagram when he asked me a question Designer Amanda Murray He catches my eye: “What do you wear on a first date?”

My last date was six years ago at an Italian restaurant with a funny guy who was hot hand tattoo and dimples. my favorite outfit? A chiffon swing dress and high heels made me cringe. Looking back on this outfit makes me laugh. Instead of leaning into my personal style – say, platform sneakers And maxi dresses – I was more interested in achieving the old school “first date look”, alluring and polished.

Since then, a lot has changed. The new couples are in quarantine together during the epidemic. Women open up More and more about what they want in bed. People wear fanny packs – Voluntarily, of your own free will! So, is Data still trying to look like shiny 2.0 versions of themselves? We are Magical dating dresses are still a thing?

Out of curiosity, I asked three single women about their dating look that never fails them…

Ethany Lee34, Berkeley, California
Short black dress

“I recently went on a first date after coming out of a five and a half year relationship with my ex-fiancé and I no idea what to wear. I was younger wearing something that made me feel sexy albeit uncomfortable. But older than me wants to feel attractive And comfortable. With the help of my best friend, I picked out a low-cut black dress and my signature shoes Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. I paired it with minimal makeup and it felt so effortlessly chic. It was the way I like to dress in everyday life, date or not date, that made it easier to be myself when I had a hard time remembering how to date in the first place.”

Victoria to be27, Dallas
Nice jeans and blouse

“I wear a signature outfit to all my first dates: an emerald green long-sleeved shirt, straight-leg jeans, Supergas. I prefer jeans on first dates because I like to feel covered and not worry about wearing a skirt. And a repeat outfit works because the people you meet don’t know you wore it on the other three dates before them! “

Jordan Sundler33, Brooklyn
matching groups

“I’ve been dating for six years, and over time I’ve learned to wear clothes that make my body feel comfortable and not restrictive. I love pairings with fun.” matching set With a denim jacket. The collections are comfortable enough for lounging around the house, and you can always add accent pieces, like embroidered bag or bold collars. Whenever I veer off these pieces and wear a tight-fitting outfit or have multiple layers, I find myself worrying about whether I’ll be sweaty and disoriented by the end of the date.”

Now it’s your turn: what to wear on first dates? Please fill us in…

note First date puzzle And First date ritual.


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