What Herve Renard said to Saudi Arabia in a halftime interview against Argentina

If you didn’t know Hervé Renard – two-time African Cup of Nations winner with Zambia and Ivory Coast – before world CupYou certainly do now.

The Saudi coach led his team to a historic opening victory against Argentina, which you may have heard well about. In fact, it was so historic that Wednesday was declared a national public holiday in the country.

Now, footage has emerged of Reynard’s inspirational team talk, delivered at halftime with his team 1-0 up to a pre-tournament favorite and with a mountain climb in the second half.

And they climbed that mountain, scoring amazing goals from Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al-Dossary to claim a great victory. Their coach’s words clearly had the intended effect.

With hair like that, we’d have to guess he knows how to use a blow-dryer treatment. To get his team moving, Renard started with a simple question: “What are we doing here?”

He goes on with intensity, telling his players that pressure doesn’t mean stopping to get their phones out and take a picture Lionel Messi.

“He’s got the ball. You’re in front of their defense! He’s got nobody!” Renard screams.

With the help of his interpreter, Renard takes things even further, running across the dressing room to show how tight he wants his players.

Before putting them back on the field, the Frenchman also engages his team on an emotional level, prompting them to respond to the occasion.

“You feel nothing!?” Asked. “Did you see what you did? You don’t feel like we’re going back!? You don’t feel like it!” They play relaxed. Come on! Come on guys! This is the World Cup! Give it all!

And they did, with the half-time team talk now gaining iconic status along with the win itself. Take a bow, Hervé. That’s how you do it.

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