The Uncertainty Principles book

last summer in her Magic house tourauthor Katharine Newman has argued that the book everyone wants to read when staying at someone else’s home is Mira Kalman’s illustrated masterpiece. principles of uncertainty. “It’s entertaining,” she says. “You can browse through it. I would recommend this to everyone as a host to put up.”

Did you read it? The book is very charming and engaging–with illustrations of tomato bisque, women in fancy dresses at the opera, cute dogs, Henry XIII and his wives, thoughts of death, you name it, she draws it. but! I have another book to suggest for guest bedrooms…

Damn actually Lindy West

Damn it, actually by Lindy West. Did you read it? It’s the funniest book I’ve devoured in the last few years. Lindy sums up — and hilariously eviscerates — iconic films from the past 40 years, including The a company; Diaries; honey i shrunk kids; And of course, Really love. You can pick it up, flip to any page, and die laughing.

What would you suggest for a crowd-pleasing book that guests could enjoy? My next two choices would be A collection of small notes And Mindy Kaling audio diary. Please share the recordings below…too! Our updated tour of the house is coming this afternoon, and I’m excited to share it. (This was our last one Five years ago.) xoxo

noteThe books we’re tearing up now And How to be a great house guest.

(Photo courtesy of Lindsey Hana for a cup of joe.)