What is your self-care style on vacation? Test us to find out

I’m going to come out here to say that when it comes to the holidays, you’re often thinking of others — not yourself. There she is Gifts to buyThe Baking goodiesAnd the lengths we go to build our homes A comfortable and relaxing haven. Of course, these things represent many of the joys of the season, and there’s nothing better than reminding our favorite people that they are loved and loved. But amid all the glamor, it’s important to take a step back, be present, and give yourself the gift of holiday self-care.

During a time of the year filled with so much, it can be difficult to carve out downtime for ourselves and those we love. But in an effort to weave intention into the holiday experience, we’re all about slowing down and finding calm amidst the (exhilarating) chaos. Not sure how to achieve this? You’re in luck—we’ve got the ideas, inspiration, and outfits you need to be comfortable and indulge in a little self-care while on vacation.

Find your own self-care style on vacation

We have cooperated with our friends in A good haven indoors To help you slow down, enjoy the season, and connect with those great quality moments. And since making space in your busy schedule can seem impossible, we’ve had fun doing the hard work for you. We share ideas for a festive and cozy night indoors – perfect however you imagine the perfect evening spent at home.

Whether you’re a gift-wrapping aficionado, holiday movie maker, or birthday cake cholinesta, we’ve got what you need to craft comfy outfits, set a festive scene, and create the perfect date night mood. Scroll on to find out which self-care style works for you—and how to embrace the space we love vacationing in the most: Candlelit homes.

Goddess gift wrap

The gift wrapping goddess is a beauty through and through. You’ve been Martha Stewart for Halloween, you’ve bought all your Christmas gifts before summer is over, and you’re still subscribing to magazines for the best ideas for bringing the DIY spirit home.

You might be the gift-wrapping goddess if…

sound like you? Keep reading for ideas for styling your perfect night out.


You have more than 10 bundles to wrap up—say, you’re on a mission while you still want to look cute. (After all, this is a prime-time opportunity to catch a little holiday content.) But if you’re assembling things while sitting by a roaring fire, layering is key. Henley cashmere keeps things soft and chic on top while silky sleep shorts keep you cool. On top of that, cashmere socks and scrunchies that you wear on your wrist are two games for one.


The heyday of hipsters may have left the limelight in the past decade, but their musical tastes are still strong. this is Hipster Holiday Mix Filled with favorites from 2010—Band of Horses, Suvjan Stephens, and Andrew Bird—who show off their alternative performances on the holiday classics. The vibes are quirky yet cool, and as the tastemaker that you are, you’ll love it when your friends applaud your holiday music.


Is there anything better than snuggling and wrapping gifts for loved ones? For wrapping paper, try infusing your gifts with a bit of color, while still maintaining a classic look. this paper Blending a winter wonderland theme with a rainbow of hues, it pairs perfectly with This velvet ribbon statement.

Of course, you will also need some elegant bowls for serving snacks. The Casa Zuma Collection Council It is the perfect way to serve both sweet and savory foods. Or, if Muddy Friends or holiday popcorn mix is ​​more your speed, These wooden bowls They can be used for more than just getting greens.


Speaking of snacks, you’ll want to make sure you have a few options to satisfy your sweet tooth and refuel after wrapping your mountain of gifts. No-bake pumpkin pie bars It’s the perfect choice in between if you crave classic pie flavor but don’t want to make homemade crust. or serve this Smoky eggplant Along with pita bread, naan or crackers for dipping.

Veteran holiday movie

While skiing, holiday shopping, and heading to the Christmas markets are all wonderful and festive ways to spend a winter weekend, sometimes, staying indoors with nothing but the best holiday movies in front of you is just what you need. If this sounds like a self-care vacation to you, look no further This is our favorite list—both classics and recent releases. Gather your friends, group of friends or family – or enjoy a great evening alone.

You might be a holiday movie maven if…

  • You always watch every Oscar nominee before the awards are handed out
  • You get into heated debates about any of them How the Grinch Stole Christmas it was better
  • You can’t stop talking about Lindsay Lohan’s rom-com renaissance

Here’s how to make your dream holiday movie marathon happen.


Whether you’re spending your movie marathon on the couch or in bed, this night of self-care epitomizes comfort. With that being said, we love a sporty moment and this matching set delivers. The tortoiseshell color is just right for the holidays, and a cashmere sweater is the perfect top layer. All that’s left is to add a couple of slices on trend – and I don’t use that word lightly –Literally You feel like you are walking on a cloud.


If you love a good movie for the holidays, you probably can’t get enough of the classic Christmas soundtrack. (And I must bet you were playing Charlie Brown’s birthday Since November 1 to get you in the mood to watch it all dwarf to me Home Alone to me pole clarification this voice Among the best Christmas movie soundtracks, this should do the trick. And don’t worry, Vince Guaraldi’s trio makes appearances more than a few times.


It’s inevitable: to truly enjoy a movie marathon, you have to be comfortable. And not only kinda Comfortable – I’m talking comfortable levels like a rug bug. When that’s the case, only your favorite cashmere and candle will do. Both represent the ultimate in luxury: YOU + hours of cinematic delight on vacation.

And because no movie is complete without a snack, you’ll want to be prepared with a bowl that does the heavy lifting. this retro, Nutcracker inspired bowl Delivers just the right amount of holiday cheer. Don’t forget the hot drinks too – I can’t recommend them This set of ceramic mugs Enough.


Like I said, hot chocolate is the name of the game when it comes to getting movie night right. And no beats recipe This version is mint. With or without liqueur, it embodies the perfect holiday flavor with Dutch mint and cocoa extract. And if you enjoy your movie marathons with friends or family, it can’t hurt to go all out Hot chocolate bar. Just sayin’.

I was scouring everything The best holiday cookie recipes Since summer and planning all your cookie details to a tee. Oh, and the gingerbread house decorating competition — you always win.

You might be a Christmas cookie cholinesta if…

  • You can keep the dough in the freezer for fresh cookies on a whim
  • Your bookshelves are filled with more cookbooks than novels
  • Ina Garten feels like your surrogate grandmother

Yes, yes, and yes? Here’s how to get your dream birthday cake.


Let’s be real—biscuit baking is your main priority, so you’re probably thinking more about how you decorate your dough than your outfit. But the good news is that you can still look cute and comfy while keeping an eye on your prized baked goods. With a luxurious material like cashmere, even your coziest outfit can be Instagram-approved. Give your hoodie and leggings combo an upgrade with soft cashmere of soft perfection. You and your dessert creations are worth it.


You’ll break away from the classics and play something that feels more like a holiday. The perfect mix of melodies? Every song is by Nancy Myers, of course. This playlisttitled Nancy Meyers’ Kitchen, instantly transports you to Meryl Streep’s French bakery It is complicated Or Kate Winslet’s cozy English cottage Holiday. Wherever this soundtrack takes you, it will delight any holiday baker.


Baking pans, bowls and measuring cups – oh my! We know there are a lot to choose from, but we made it simple to choose the best. These non-stick pans are half sheet Promise of easy cleaning and even baking. And the This set of measuring cups It is an ideal set for simple baking. Oh, and as for the dishes – I don’t think I’ve ever found anything more elegant these.


Nobody loves baking holiday cookies as much as we do. That’s why we searched the internet for the best recipes. 32 tried-and-true cookie recipes, Come. you are welcome.

What night off are you personally? Let us know in the comments!

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