What makes your friend amazing? Shout them!


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Recently, a Cup of Jo reader named Ceridwen left a file nice comment:

“I want to shout out to my friend: She has had a hard time since her mother passed away and she wanted to do something for herself and others. So, she joined the baseball team! She is 43 years old, and I think she is cool! My main contribution is sending her pictures to Madonna their own league. I love my boyfriend and this wonderful fun thing you do.”

After reading it, I was inspired and thought it would be fun to all shriek at our friends, relatives or loved ones. I’ll go then…

Over the past four years, My friend Megan She devoted herself to being a single foster mother. When a new baby comes to her home, she meets him with love, patience, and empathy. It also does everything in its power to support the relationship between children and their biological parents. since i started CareThree youngsters are reunited with their families, and I see Megan gathering behind her parents All time. After a baby girl leaves her home, she goes through her own phase of joy, sadness, and relief, and she treats it all with a great deal of grace. Separately, she’s the friend who’s always ready for just about anything you need (a Tide pen, gum, flashlight, granola bar, you name it), but she also loves to have a good time and have fun in party mode. I’m so proud of her and I know the world is a better and safer place because she’s in it.

What about you? who are you Proud of Immediately? We love to hear.

note Being friends with old women And the Do you say this to your friends?

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