What pants do you wear to work?

Best work pants

If you work in an office, what pants do you swear by? To find the perfect work pants that fit you Just rightWe asked 10 women to share their favorite…

Postpartum heroes:

“Since I had a baby, I’ve been leaning towards baggy menswear, like These pants. Camel is a new alternative to lions. And it’s a lightweight twill, which means you won’t get stretched out, but it stays crisp and stylish. I wear it with Navy cashmere sweater And if it’s a casual day, Talking high tops. – Dolce EdgeAnd Art Director

“With young kids in the house, I gravitate towards elastic waists (I need my pants to get some!) Those Green pleated trousers They are relieved And It has an interesting shape. They make me feel so evolved.” – Alison PeepmerMarketing Executive

The classic black pant:

For work pants, I always and forever swear by J.Crew. First, this Inspired by the 70’s slight glow feels elegant but not a lot of work; I associate it with Green and white shirt And a dark red lip. And I love the Audrey Hepburn channel tight pants With a black turtleneck and flats.” – Joanna GoddardCoJ founder

“I love Drape Pant Vince For a low-key business look. First, they pull out! Second, the fit is flowy but not “whoa, these are some wide leg pants,” so they pair well with both fitted shirts oversized sweaters. Finally, the material is uncomplicated and easy to care for. Even though the label says dry clean, I put them in with the rest of my laundry and they are fine. – Alisha RamosAnd girls night in Founder

valgus leg:

“I got dressed These are sailor pants for at least 10 years. They are the go-to for work, meetings, conferences, dinner parties and all. You don’t often see a canvas material – I love it – and they have broken in beautifully over time. here It is an affordable version.” – Maureen HeffernanCoJ Marketing Director

“I wear dresses, skirts, and heels, but the thing I get the most from is these black pants. They just drape really, really well. I wear them in the office year-round.” — Emily, attorney

Rescuers who look like sweats:

“After the pandemic, I have a ‘just say no’ policy to sweatpants. The Dream Everlane Pants You feel as warm as you sweat, and if I misquote Mary Oliver, “let the soft animal on your body” be whatever it looks like. – Sukhi PatelData solutions manager

“I always strive to get World Standard Ponte Pant. They don’t cut! They stay up! They can wear a lot before they become flabby! And the ankle length works with many shoe strategies. Plus, Universal Standard does some of the best work around on size-inclusive apparel up to the 40.” – Virginia Sol Smithauthor

Make your own:

“I’ve been sewing my own clothes since January 2020, and love the paper bag version of these Basic trousers from Vivian Shaw Chen. It has a tie belt and elastic waist, and can be dressed up or down. I made them from linen, cream-colored denim, twill, and crinkle cotton. Plus, the pockets are so deep! – Juliana SonPhotographer

The leather pants we all want to wear to work:

“I have a pair of those Rag & Bone Leather Trouserswhich you bought second hand RealReal For $80. They’re insanely chic, polished, and edgy without being too sexy, and they go with everything from sneakers to stilettos.” — Gemma BurgessScreenwriter and show runner

What pants do you wear to work? Blood money spilled!

Note Readers share what their office wear is And Work from home spaces.

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