What sparkle do you notice these days?


Brooklyn flowers

End of this weekI learned about ray:

A little guide about flashes: * Flashes are the opposite of stimuli.  * It's little moments of dread.  * Arouses joy and arouses inner calm.  * It has a positive effect on our mental health.  * They are subtle moments that cause slight mood changes.  * They send safety signals to our nervous system.  * They bring feelings of ease and contentment.  Our body responds with positive energy.  They allow us to feel hopeful when we are lost.  * strengthens our nervous system by it.  * They can help increase our well-being.  * Once we start cuddling them, it can become a beautiful way to see the world around you.

How this beautiful?

So, this morning, I took a walk around the neighborhood, and let me tell you, glimmer abounds. Here is a short list:

Feeling the spring breeze.
Walking in front of several men with mustaches. *loves herself*
*Meeting a five-month-old with the flabby and most bulging cheeks, and learning about the tremendous neck strength he has to bear around said cheeks all day every day.
* The chef in the café whistles completely to the radio, including halftone shifts and harmony.
* Spying on a tattooed woman’s toast. (My mother always told me that toast makes everything better. “And she took it very seriously.”)

toast tattoo

“When I feel moments of peace, I usually take Kurt Vonnegut’s advice and say to myself, ‘If that’s not nice, I don’t know what is,’” writes Kate, a Cup of Joe reader. “It’s great to have you now.” name for this feeling. Additionally, from a psychology perspective, I think naming it makes the concept more concrete and therefore easier to search for and actively notice.”

Lauren adds, “I experienced an amazing spotting yesterday. After a four-day business trip, and away from my three kids, I got to the Detroit airport with a flight delay. Exacerbated by the need to pump again and feeling the desperate urge to get home, I checked into the moms’ room in Terminal E at Bad Moods. The amazing sparkle arrived in the form of a guest book with reflections from moms who’ve been pumping or nursing, starting in 2021. It was such a lift! I adore the amazing individual who had that great idea.”

What about you? What flashes have you seen recently? Please share below… xoxoxoxoxo

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