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While surfing the interwebs, you may have heard of an app that is determined to displace Evernote. idea he online tool It’s causing ripples at the moment with its many features to help solve it productivityweb design, layout, To-do lists, and more. Basically anything Evernote thought it was best at, Notion is now determined to prove otherwise. But what is the idea? If you are a newbie to the app and thinking of joining it, what do you want to know about it?

what’s the idea?

what's the idea

Let’s start with Notion’s own description of its service –

Idea is a single space where you can think, write and plan. Capture ideas, manage projects, or even run an entire company – and do it exactly the way you want it.

Now you might think that pretty much sums up any note-taking app. On the surface, you’d be right. But if you dig deeper, you will see that the idea is much more than that. The idea can be used as follows:

  • Application for taking notes and brainstorming. Collaborators can leave comments, just like Google docs.
  • Web page builder.
  • Task Management.
  • wiki (internal or external.)
  • Website link tool.
  • A database for indexing and retrieving information (somewhat like pneumatic table.) You get access to Excel-like tools for automatically calculate the values.
Idea database

Like its competitors, Notion syncs everything via the cloud, and you can access it on its website, standalone desktop app, or smartphone app. Like Evernote and Google to save the informationNotion is basically “empty your mind”. Write everything down and sync it across your devices, so you don’t forget what you need to do. After using Evernote for over a decade, I tried Notion on a whim and was instantly won over. They even offer you a free tool to import all your Evernote notes.

How does the idea work?

Notion is like building a website. You start with a single page, and from there, you can create other pages that link together. Each page consists of multiple blocks, be it an image block, a heading, a table, a link, and much more. As Notion puts it succinctly, “All you need to get started is one page by one block.” Then you go from there.

Idea workspace

You have two areas – a workspace and a private area. Anything you choose to be public will be added to your workspace. Thus, your workspace is the public aspect of your Notion account. If you don’t want anyone to see something in your account, keep it away from your workspace and instead put it in your private area. The workspace can also be accessed by any guest you decide to allow access to your account.

Create a new page on the idea

Let’s start by creating a new page, this is how you get started with Notion. Remember, it all starts with the first page and the first block.

First, decide whether the new page will go to the public workspace or the private one. Then move the cursor to the right and click the + symbol. This opens a new page.

The idea of ​​creating a new page

The new page now gives you the various features available. First, type in the page title. After that you can:

  • Start printing.
  • Select a template.
  • Import a file from an external service.
  • Start a database.
New page options idea

So let’s start with a regular text note. After typing the address, move the cursor towards the top of the page. You will now see that you can give the page an icon, a header or a comment.

New note icon header idea

If you click add icon, one will be listed for you at random. But you can immediately change it to something else.

Insert idea symbol

If you click Add the cover, again, it will add one at random. But you can change it easily.

The idea of ​​including a header

Already, you can see how Notion can be used to create fast web pages.

The new page formatting options are an idea

Then, when you’re ready to start creating your page, Notion takes a sheet of paper from slackwith the command /. By typing the slash command, a box appears with a plethora of options – too many to show here. In addition to the formatting options, you can embed tweets, videos, PDFs, pull information from other external platforms, add links, code snippets, and much more. You can also set up automations to fetch Slack messages, Trello messages….the list is endless.

Add a subpage on the idea

Everything you add to a Notion page can be associated with its unique subpage. So when you create a subpage, the subpage link will appear immediately on the main homepage.

Subpage link on the home page

Creating a subpage is as simple as hovering over the + icon for your homepage and clicking on it. A new page pops up, and you can continue as before.

The idea of ​​starting a subpage

You can also include links to internal and external pages on your idea pages.

Idea embed link

Now, this is the best part. If you suddenly decide that you want to make this page a live web page, just drag it into your workspace. Then in the upper-right corner, tap Sharethen switch Share on the web.

The idea of ​​sharing the page as a web page

You can decide whether to grant any permissions to the page’s visitors. When ready, copy the web link and send it. The page is now live and you can See for yourself.

Idea web page options

Add a template to the idea

Idea Template Gallery 2

Notion’s gallery of templates is simply huge. By choosing the template option, you can choose from a wide variety of pre-made databases, tables, and design elements. Most of them are free, but there are a lot of creative people out there who make a pretty good living making and selling idea templates.

Google search idea templates

A quick Google search will turn up plenty of sites selling Notion templates, as well as freebies made by the same developers. people on linkedin You can also give away event idea templates. It is a good promotional tool.

Build a database on the idea

Idea database

The other big advantage of Notion is building a database. If you want to save time, you can get a database template and modify that to your liking. But you can also start from scratch if you’re feeling adventurous. Databases are ideal if you’re putting together inventory of something, interactive photo galleries, or just a list of TV shows you want to watch.

Once you start typing in the fields, each entry creates its own page, which can create another page, and so on. Everything is fully searchable in the end, and you can of course publish your database to the web if you wish. You don’t even need to remember to save changes – like Google Docs, Notion saves all changes instantly.

Is the idea free?

Idea pricing

Notion offers a free plan and three paid plans. As you can see, the free plan is quite generous and will probably be enough for many people. But the paid plans are incredibly cheap and give you improvements like unlimited file uploads, unlimited blocks, longer page history, more guests to your workspace, and more. You save a bit by paying annually, but saving isn’t much to get excited about.

Another thing to note is that Notion gives you opportunities to accumulate account balance. By doing the following, I was able to deduct $26 from my first yearly bill.

Credit account idea

Should you start using Notion?

Business man's desk for the computer

It all depends on your use case. Casual users might find Notion a little overkill for their needs. Look at what Notion has to offer and decide if you really need it. Need to quickly create web pages, wikis and databases? If not, Google Keep or Evernote might be your thing.

However, if you plan to use Notion for professional purposes, it will most likely be your cup of tea. You can literally run a company from Notion. Set up websites, databases, wikis, help pages, staff onboarding, automation, and collaboration. Exchange ideas with colleagues, leave comments on internal discussions, the list goes on and on.

questions and answers

There is an export option in the settings. You will receive an HTML file.

Notion is owned by Ivan Zhao. Many people have speculated that this means that Notion is owned by a Chinese company. However, this is incorrect. Notion is owned by a company in the United States.


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