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WhatsApp Status, the feature that was It was introduced in 2017 as Snapchat Stories, has a number of updates to make it more attractive and attractive to users. One of the newest additions is the ability to set voice notes as status updates.

On Tuesday, WhatsApp announce Voice Status, which enables users to record and share audio messages of up to 30 seconds duration as status updates. Users will get the option to record voice notes by tapping on the microphone icon on the status screen. It provides a more personal touch to status updates and serves as a convenient option for those who prefer not to write or use graphics. Last month WhatsApp tested Voice status feature with Android and iOS beta testers.

The voice status comes months after WhatsApp saw a huge traction in voice messages on its platform. The messaging app, owned by Meta, said in March that its users send an average of 7 billion voice messages per day.

The arrival of voice notes on WhatsApp status updates reminds us of cappuccino appwhich allows users to share short and heartwarming audio stories with friends.

Along with audio status, the latest WhatsApp status updates include a ‘Private Audience Selector’ that allows users to easily choose the privacy option for each status to choose who can view their status updates. A new audience selector button appears on the status screen – bringing up a menu to allow users to control how they see their status updates. The most recent audience selection will be saved and used as the default for the next status update, the messaging app said in a blog post.

Before the audience selector option, users I had to manually go to the privacy settings on WhatsApp to choose who can view their status.

WhatsApp has also expanded the availability of status reactions that were Available to some users a few months ago. Users can quickly respond to any status updates by swiping up and tapping on one of eight emojis.

Similar to status interactions, WhatsApp has expanded the availability of status profile loops to all users – after making them available to some users in the recent past. These rings appear around your contact’s profile picture when they share a status update — it works a bit like Instagram. Status profile rings will be visible in chat lists, group participant lists, and contact information.

Users also get link previews in their WhatsApp status updates. This will allow them to display a visual preview of their links to the Instagram posts or YouTube videos they have placed on their status.

The messaging app said that updates are starting to roll out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Last month, WhatsApp released the A native macOS client in public beta. The application also launched a Official proxy support For global users a few weeks ago to help people communicate if their internet connection is restricting WhatsApp connection.


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