Where does Ja Morant go from here after the recent alleged gun incident?


the Memphis Grizzlies suspended Ja Morant After the All-Star guard He was seen brandishing what appeared to be a gun In an Instagram Live video. It’s the second such incident in just over two months for Morant, who was suspended eight games in March after he was seen in another Instagram Live video flashing a gun at a Colorado strip club.

Morant is currently suspended by the Grizzlies from all team activity, while the NBA says it is in the process of gathering more information about the latest incident. According to ESPN, Morant could face a lengthy suspension from the league to start the 2023-24 NBA season.

both of them Shannon Sharp And Skip Bayless They delivered their thoughts on Morant and his supporters on Monday’s episode of “Undisputed. ”

“I’ve said before, the best apology is a behavior change,” Sharp said. “When he was going through all these diatribes about what he had learned about being away from the game and how important it was to him, I said, ‘I see better than I hear.’ I heard everything Ja said, and I said, ‘Now moving forward, I’ll see if the behavior matches up with what he said.”

“At this time, I’m not even upset with Ga. I’m not angry, I’m not disappointed, I’m not embarrassed [for him]. I am angry, resentful, disappointed, disgusted with the people who stood up for him. Because that’s what got us here.”

The Grizzlies suspend Ja Morant after another alleged shooting

Sharpe also noted how much money Morant had actually lost through his actions. Rule wasn’t selected to any All-NBA team this past season despite leading the Grizzlies to a No. 2 seed in the Western Conference, which could cost him up to $39 million in maximum contract money. He could also continue to lose money if brands like Nike and Powerade drop endorsement deals with him.

“I want all the people who said, ‘Let Ja be Ja,’ to be the treasurer of this GoFundMe account? Because he only lost $39 million,” Sharpe said.

Bayliss focused on recounting in detail the various reported events involving Morant that led to his first suspension, some of which also involved his friend Devontae Pack, whose latest video of Morant allegedly holding a gun was seen on Instagram Live.

The most notable of these incidents occurred during and after the January 29 game in Memphis between the Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers.

Buck was ejected from his seat on the court after walking onto the court during a play to yell at Pacers players. After the match, several of Morant’s associates including Pack He was reportedly waited by the Pacers team bus To confront the visiting team, and after returning to their cars, a laser is directed at members of the Indiana team that some believe is from a shotgun. An investigation by the National Basketball Association found no evidence to confirm a gun, but Buck was banned from the Grizzlies arena for a year for his actions.

Both Morant and Buck fiercely disputed accounts of the postgame incident with the Pacers.

“I tried and tried and tried even more to love this kid, because I really love him as a basketball player. Who wouldn’t?” Bellis said. “I had swept all the previous little events under my little rug… [then] Every little incident started to seem bigger and bigger in light of the context of what happened that night in March after they lost in Denver.”

It was that context, Baylis said, that made Morant’s initial NBA sanction, of 17 days and eight games, look so light in his eyes.

“When it was suddenly announced that he would return, I felt completely deceived,” said Bayliss. “As if we just took on the biggest trip ever.”

Morant and the Grizzlies lost in six matches to the seventh seed Los Angeles Lakers In the opening round of the NBA Playoffs. After the series ended, Morant told reporters that he had to be better at making decisions out of court and that he was proud of the changes he had made after his initial suspension.

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