Where does Wilson Contreras land?


It’s time to start the Shuffle Up Fantasy Baseball Series, Seasonal Edition. What you see below is how I would arrange the catcher’s position if I were entering a new draft today. Use it to rate your team, Consider pickups and dropsTrade Class Offers – It’s up to you.

My salary is unscientific in nature and is intended primarily to show how I rank players and, more specifically, where the talent pools are. Your menu will look different, of course. That’s why we have a game.

Other positions will follow in subsequent weeks. Today’s task is catchers. Let’s dig in.

Asterisks * indicate that there are two injured players in the position.

The big tickets

$23 Shaun Murphy

$22 will Smith

$21 Salvador Perez

$21 Dalton Farshaw

$21 for JT Realmuto

$20 Adley Rochman

Murphy has been the dominant player at center, and what madness is that it was already have Abad luck. According to Baseball Savant data, Murphy should average 32 points higher and his slugging percentage should be 69 points higher. As it stands, Murphy leads the center in home runs and RBI, and is second in runs scored. And as you would expect from the hit-ball data, he’s leading in the bbl rate. Being associated with the most reliable NL group doesn’t hurt either. . . Realmuto had a sudden decrease in my walks and his strength had also diminished a bit, but nothing to panic about. He’s still one of those rare hunters who’s interested in running, and Philadelphia Offense – common up until this point – has the potential to go up right now Bryce Harper He’s back in the mix. . . Rutschman hasn’t said yet, though he’s currently in C7. But he leads the position at bats and also has more runs than hits – anyone who does that is an elite hitter. He is a potential MVP at some point later in his career. . .

And speaking of walk/strikeout rates, look at Smith with 14 walks for six strikeouts. That’s just ridiculous. He’s clearly lost some time with the concussion, even though he’d started nine straight games prior to Monday. It still has the upside of being C1 the rest of the way. . . Varshaw got the playing time we expected, with 33 starts in the field and no action behind the plate. We always like qualified people who are not tasked with getting caught. The Blue Jays offense hasn’t quite reached the moon yet, but it’s ninth innings with plenty of reasonable climbs.

legitimate building blocks

$17 Wilson Contreras

$16 Jonah Heim

$13 Cal Raleigh

$12 Elias Diaz

$11 Gabriel Moreno

$11 Tyler Stephenson

$10 Eric Haas

$10 William Contreras

Heim outbreak Fully supported under the hood304 average and .589 slugging. Heim picked occasional starts in DH, underscoring how important the Rangers are. And his extra frame will keep him behind the plate most of the time, anyway. TexasThe offense has been a surprise so far, leading the majors in every run. And things should stay afloat with Star Shortstop Corey Seeger About to come back. . .

The Raleigh’s profile is similar to last year’s, a healthy gait rate, gentle strike section and plenty of power. He also bumped his run rate by about five percent, although his average, oddly enough, is the same as the .211 he showed last year. As long as the fellows keep coming up, we can handle mediocrity, we just have to make it up somewhere else. He doesn’t have a chance at being an elite fantasy catcher with this much swing and miss, but he’ll be comfortable inside the top 12 at the position.

Some reasonable climbs

$9 Kibert Ruiz

$7 Christian Bethancourt

$7 Alejandro Kirk

$6*Jan Gomez

$6 Blake Sabol

$6 Jasmine Grandal

$6, Travis D’Arno

$5 Shea Langlers

$5 MJ Melendez

$4 Connor Wong

Wong’s has seen a surge in power lately and may be ready to take over Boston Getting a gig for good, although the expected stats wave a warning sign. His batted ball profile indicates that he should bat . 225 with a . 402 slugging; Shots don’t kill at this position, but below its actual levels at the moment (.257, .459). at least red socks The lineup was better than expected, and Fenway Park has always been an offensive buoy. . . Ruiz hasn’t had much luck in the opening month or so; expected statistical data He says he should hit .291 and hit .461. His hit stats aren’t great, but he has elite control of the bat and hardly ever gets out. Washington’s offense isn’t a destination set, but Ruiz still makes sense as a target in the middle and deeper pools.


$3 Francisco Alvarez

$2 Danny Jansen

$2 Jose Trevino

$1 Jason DeLay

$1 Christian Vasquez

$1 Joey Bart

$0 Mike Zunino


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