Where Phillies’ 2022 Playoffs Stand Chances of the National League Wild Card

Where the Phillies stand in the 2022 NL Wild Card Qualifier Race Originally appeared NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Phyllis They lost four in a row because that Padres They won three in a row, dropping Phils in half a game behind San Diego in the NL wild card race.

The Phillies are currently ranked 6th and are two games ahead of bruerFirst team exit.

It was a disturbing weekend in Atlanta, to say the least. The Phillies scored just seven games in three games and fell to 6-9 in the season series against brave. The teams meet in a regular season final series Thursday through Sunday at Citizens Bank Park.

The Braves will continue to do their best because they are just a game behind the Mets in the NL East. Whichever team wins, the division will get a first round. The other five-seeded team will host the best of the three first round match.

If the Phillies finish as the sixth seed, they will play the Cardinals as opposed to the Mets or Braves.

The Phillies and Padres are both out on Mondays. The Phils then host the Blue Jays for two and the Braves for four.

The Padres is home to meet the Cardinals Tuesday through Thursday before spending the weekend at Coors Field.

He hosts The Brewers Mets Monday through Wednesday, then has four in Cincinnati.

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