Who is Guo Wengui? Steve Bannon’s ally and billionaire have just been found guilty.

Some call him Miles Guo. Others call him Guo Wengui. To top Trump allies like Steve Bannon and Jason Miller, he is an ally and business partner. But, for federal authorities, it is Alleged felony fraud. On Wednesday, the FBI arrested Guo on 12 counts of fraud in New York. It marks another fascinating chapter in the bizarre saga of Guo, who went from a runaway Chinese billionaire to a major figure in the right-hand MAGA. His organization was the New Federal State of China Major sponsor for Conservative Political Action Conference this year.

Who is Guo Wengui?

Guo fled China to the United States in 2014, facing allegations of corruption. He has since settled in New York, where he is based He became an outspoken critic of the Chinese regime on social media. However, Guo had become a divisive figure in the exiled Chinese dissident community. he claimed That many other dissidents living in the United States are in fact secret agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and have organized sit-ins to protest outside their homes. This has led to suggestions that Guo is actually an agent of the CCP, something he vehemently denied.

Key to Guo’s influence in the United States is the alliance he forged with Steve Bannon, Trump’s former top aide I turned into a vocal attorney Former President Donald Trump’s false allegations of election fraud. Bannon and Joe partner to create the new federal state of China, which claims the government-in-exile of mainland China; Guo also Help finance Gettr, a right-wing alt-right on Twitter led by Jason Miller, a prominent Trump aide in the 2016 campaign who has since joined his re-election effort in 2024. Gettr was developed From a Guo-related Chinese-language social media network called Getome. On the eve of the 2020 election, the Chinese-language media and Guo’s allies are first to be published Contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop at Bannon’s request.

Bannon is arrested on Guo’s yacht In 2020 on fraud charges More than $25 million is planned to finance the construction of a wall on the US-Mexico border. The authorities claimed that Bannon and his allies seized the money instead. Trump pardoned Bannon before the former president left office in 2021.

What is accused Guo?

power alleged That he was involved in an elaborate effort to defraud his online supporters in his campaign against the Chinese government of more than $1 billion. He allegedly did this by falsely asking them to invest in his business and then embezzling the money for personal use. Among his alleged fraudulent schemes, he solicited $262 million in investments in a cryptocurrency “ecosystem” called the Himalaya Exchange, as well as a private club membership program called G | CLUBS, which has attracted over $250 million in investment and is claimed to be an “exclusive, cutting-edge membership program offering a full suite of services.”

The indictment alleges that Guo used the money to purchase a mansion, Ferrari and Bugatti sports cars, and two mattresses worth $36,000 as well as using the money to maintain his yacht, which is worth $37 million. The indictment says federal law enforcement authorities have already seized more than $634 million in fraud proceeds from Guo over the past six months.

what is happening now?

Guo is in federal custody and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Meanwhile, his arrest marks a major setback for the Bannon-linked MAGA, as one of Bannon’s main financiers faces criminal indictment and owns more than half a billion in assets seized by the federal government. Despite this, Bannon has always remained open when it comes to Guo. He speaks to The New Yorker In 2022, the former Trump aide said, “He’s done more than anyone else to wake this country up to the threats of the Chinese Communist Party as a transnational criminal organization and an existential threat to America. Whether he’s working for a faction or hedging his bets, the things he’s done And what he paid for was relentless.”

Bannon has become a major player in the right-wing media through his country War Room Program, a daily live broadcast where he connects with guests to promote his populist Trump worldview. Its lead single is titled “Download CCP,” which is performed by Guo and has an accompanying music video that shows Guo in a variety of luxurious places including his yacht and penthouse apartment in Central Park. The theme song may still stand, but it is unlikely that Guo will be in the same luxurious places in the near future.

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