Who signed, who is going, and who is still on the market

the Detroit Lions was active in NFL Free Agency 2023and experiment with addition and subtraction. So, for convenience, we’re keeping track of all mentions and departures in one place.

The new league year kicked off on Wednesday, allowing signings and trades to become official.

The Lions, under general manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell, have been aggressive since the beginning of free agency, attacking the defensive line and secondary, and making a surprise move at running back. They still have it spots to fill in the receiver and Backup quarterbackand depth in processing.

The Lions saw four players leave from last season’s 9-8 team.

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We’re tracking every step of the way for the Lions’ new signings and their unrestricted free agents, and will update this page as there is news.

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Who signs with the lions

• Re-sign DT Isaiah Boggs: 2 years, $6 million

• Re-sign RB Craig Reynolds: 1 year, $1.1 million

• Re-sign pound Alex Anzalone3 years: 18.7 million dollars

• Re-sign extra time Matt NelsonOne year: $1.3 million

• Re-sign CB/S Will HarrisOne year: $2.5 million

• Re-sign DE/DT John Kominsky: 2 years, $9.5 million

• Occurred Steelers CB Cam Sutton: 3 years 33 million dollars

• Occurred 49ers Cb Emmanuel Moseley: one year 6 million dollars

• Bears signature RB David Montgomery: 3 years 18 million dollars

• Bronco Signature g Graham GlasgowOne year: $4.5 million

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Unrestricted free agents lions on new teams

RB Jamal Williams New Orleans Saints: 3 years 12 million dollars

s Dishon Elliott to Miami Dolphin: 1 year, $1.8 million

c / g Evan Brown to Seattle SeahawksOne year: $2.3 million

pound Chris Board to New England Patriots: 2 years, $6.7 million

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Unrestricted black free agents unsigned

• WR DJ Shark

• RB Justin Jackson

• QB Nate Sudfeld

J Tommy Kramer

• de Austin Bryant

• lbs Josh Woods

• CB Bobby Price

• CB Amani Orora

• CB Mike Hughes

• S CJ Moore

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