Why Draymond Green thinks the Lakers will win versus the Nuggets in the West Finals


How Draymond thinks the Lakers-Nuggets series will end appeared in the original NBC Sports Bayara

Draymond Green Confident that one team has the upper hand in the Western Conference Finals series between the Lakers and Nuggets.

ye? Well, let him break it down for you.

The Warriors forward released a new episode of his podcast, “The Draymond Green ShowSaturday after Golden StateThe season-ending loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals involved him in what he believes will be the key game to watch in the upcoming series.

“the [Anthony Davis]-[Nikola Jokić] The match will be key. “I think Joker’s ability to pull AD off the edge would be a real thing,” said Green.

“But the great thing about the Joker, is you can move him all over the court. You can move him to the higher position, you can move him to the block, you can move him to the elbow, you can move him to the middle of the paint, the free throw line area. You can move him and that, I guess. , will create some problems for the Lakers defense, especially with regard to the way they want to play AD.”

On the green, the Nuggets have the size to pull Davis out of the paint, the area where he made the Warriors push in the semifinal round, but he’s incredible. Denver She has enough playmakers, off guard Jamal Murraywho can drive to the edge and score.

The key for the Lakers, according to Green, would be to unilaterally limit Joki’s offensive abilities.

“The Lakers will either have to stop Joker from passing or stop him from scoring,” Green explained. “The easiest thing to do is stop him from getting help. You can’t let him have both. He gets both. You lose. It’s very simple.”

Green is very high on the Nuggets, who he thinks are ready to compete for a championship. However…he expects the No. 7-ranked Lakers to beat the Nuggets and advance to the NBA Finals for a rematch with Miami Heat.

“It’s going to be a good series,” Green added. “Ultimately, Denver’s ready, man. I think Denver’s ready, like Denver take the next step, they’re doing it, we’re watching… But I think we’re going to have a 2020 redo and I think the Lakers are going to take it. I’ve got the Lakers and I’ve got the Lakers in 6 .and shut down at six.”

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Los Angeles And he faced Miami in the Finals three years ago, in the bubble during the COVID-19-shortened 2019-2020 season, as the Lakers beat the Heat in six games and claimed their 17th franchise championship.

No matter how impressive this conference championship may be, the Lakers-Nuggets series should be exciting for Green and basketball fans alike.

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