Wild looks legit, and more Zegras charm, DeAngelo goes full heel

March Madness may be right around the corner in College Hoops, but with the home stretch at its peak, the NHL’s got a pregame thrill worth following this month.

This week we have a lot of smooth hands, impromptu saves, a reunion of some old friends, meal plan You don’t want to face your worst enemy, and everything else is worth catching up on from your last seven days at hockey.

goal of the week

Amidst what was a fairly quiet year Trevor Zygrass While toiling on one of the worst teams in the league, the American fullback fell back to his old tricks last week, capitalizing on Possibly the best goal of the season Tuesday night vs Seattle Kraken. The hit was making noise in the hockey world and even made its way to the crew on TNT, leading to a This funny incident By Jane Bottrell.

Save the week

Oh, my God Casey Desmith. with the Philadelphia Flyers Buzzing to get a draw on Saturday vs Pittsburgh PenguinsDeSmith pulled this merry-go-round from his bag of tricks, stealing it Owen Tippett blind. That saving would be crucial for the Pens, as they would follow it up just a few minutes later with an all-important lockout, eventually winning the game 5-1 and staying hot in the midst of a tight Eastern Conference wild card race.

Nikita Kucherov may be having his quietest comeback season ever. The 29-year-old has occasionally struggled with injuries over the past seasons – in some cases very publicly – but she kept it healthy for the first time since 2018-19 and dominated once again. Pace for 118 points, just shy of his career high of 128, there’s a non-McDavid parallel world where Kucherov’s Hart Trophy has been written on him, serving as a driver for one of hockey’s best teams once again – even if he has Strange hiccup this year. Do you want proof of how much control Kucherov has? Look no further than last Thursday night, when he collected this impressive assist as part of his highest of seven league points last week.

Hands of the week

the Maple The Leafs pulled off a solid 4-3 win last Tuesday against a stellar team New Jersey Devils team, and Mitch Marner was a huge part of it. While Toronto ended up blowing the lead that goal gave them, that should not be diminished by the sweet short cuts that the former London jockey put in while helpless. Vitek Vanishk. Marner finally went for a game-winner assist as well – capping the Maple Leafs’ long road trip in style.

The most informative moment of the week

with the Ottawa Senators In the Windy City to take over Blackhawks Last Monday, two of the game’s bright young German stars met for the first time in Tim Stötzl and Lukas Reichl. Both members of the 2020 NHL Draft, the pair finally found themselves on the ice during the post-whistle period, leading to this sweet moment between two players with a lot of history dating back to their Under-16 days.

worst week

quotes Lucille Bluth is one of the arrested developerst: “I mean it’s one box of Spaghetti Michael, what can it cost, ten bucks?” Needless to say, hoping that the fan who played the game took a nap.

dish of the week

With his new contract worth $70 million in diameter, red wings Captain Dylan Larkin had set his sights squarely on for the remainder of the regular season. While Detroit’s slim playoff hopes have faded in recent weeks, that doesn’t mean Motown hasn’t had its share of highlights this season as it emerges from rebuilding. On this concludes the improved Larkin, as Alex Chiasson makes a fluid motion between legs to feed the Wings star, as they combine for a beautiful powerplay tally.

Professional oriented

after Buffalo Saber Defenseman Chase Brisky sent to Anaheim Ducks On trade deadline day, the 26-year-old did what any other young professional would do after a career change: update his LinkedIn profile. Hey, you never know who might contact you when stumbling across your digital resume.

Bucket, chuck

after sticking to the face, Eric Carlson He was furious on Tuesday night as the umpires swallowed their whistles and failed to make a call. In response, the Swedish defenseman, known more for his cool temperament and movement, showed his arm in protest to the officials, and gave his helmet as he headed into the tunnel.

low blow

Tony D’Angelo Being in the middle of things is nothing new. This often controversial figure has made his fair share of enemies over the years, both on and off the ice, but this could be a new low. while multiple The Lightning players objected to DeAngeloIt wasn’t clear at first what exactly happened. That was until another replay angle showed this dog’s not-so-pretty flashpoint.

What’s on the list?

Jacob Shekron Seemingly Prehistoric caveman diet. Whatever will get results, I suppose.

Stinger saves

After the trade deadline, James Reimer Make his ideas known After San Jose failed to find it a new home to chase the Stanley Cup one last time. If ever the optimistic Reimer could find it in himself to save a couple more like this heist Morgan BarronHowever, the 34-year-old could find himself at another home this summer. Hopefully the healthiest goalies in hockey get at least one more shot.

Let the children play

The Carolina Storm Surge celebration may not grab the headlines as often as it used to, but the tradition is still alive and well and cuter than ever. After achieving a dominant 6-0 win over Tampa Bay Lightning On Tuesday, the Canes celebrated Family Day at the rink in the cutest Hurricane way possible: taking the kids out with the game-winning Storm Surge.

Loose loach blade

As the removable skate blade phenomenon made its way into the NHL, it’s hard to imagine any player’s struggles as funny as the always-enforcing Milan Lucic. The Flames’ hulking mill caught on with his proverbial pants – or should we say ski blades – leaving the seasoned tough guy meekly stumbling his way to the Calgary bench to the delight of every fan laughing along.

Strong press

The Tampa Bay Lightning are struggling at the moment. Winners of just three of their last ten games, it would be easy for the Screws to let frustrations within the room boil over and create a negative atmosphere around the team. When you’ve won two of the last three Stanley Cups, and made it to the Finals three years in a row, it probably gets easier for the coolest people to win.

Those good feelings about the team also shined through from the ever-demanding John Cooper, as he waited graciously behind this young reporter to get his question before Saturday’s press was finished.

Statistics for the week

Owns Have you heard Boston Bruins good? Well, as it turns out, they actually are historically good. No team has reached the 50-win plateau faster than Boston this season, as they picked up the pointer on Saturday against the Detroit Red Wings. The Eastern Conference may be loaded, but it sure is hard to see anyone top the Bruins in a seven-game series.

No team in the NHL is hotter than the Minnesota Wild right now, as the State of Hockey team has had at least one point in their last 12 games, which has put them at the top of the central standings. They sit just two points behind Dallas stars For first place in the division and three points behind Vegas Golden Knights on top in the West.

The Minnesota Wild was one of the happy stories of the NHL season.  (GT)

The Minnesota Wild was one of the happy stories of the NHL season. (GT)

You might think the biggest culprit is the team’s star mix Kirill Kaprizov and Mats Zuccarello — and they were great — but it’s actually defense and goalkeeping, highlighted by an impressive . 970 save percentage since March 1 that leads the NHL by a wide margin. Slowly, but surely, Bill Guerin appears to have built a rival in Minnesota, and some gametime damage could be done if things continue to move in that direction.

Heading down: Montreal Canadiens

There is no team in the NHL She was also battered and bruised Like the Montreal Canadiens, who have accumulated six straight losses and fallen hard deep in the lottery against Connor Bédard. There’s not much to look forward to in La Belle County outside of this spring’s draft lottery given all the injuries, but there have been flashes of a foundation under construction. A couple of fantastic goals this week are, in fact, two of the team’s building blocks Nick Suzuki And Cayden ignorancemay help ease the pain for Habs fans, and provide an oasis in a desert of unwatchable hockey games.

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