Wine 8.0 helps you run more Windows apps on Linux and Mac

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Wine is your best tool if you have a computer running Linux, macOS, or even Windows haiku And you want to check out the Windows spin-off. Version 8.0 of the popular tool is now available, and it looks great.

The most important change in Wine 8.0 is that all Wine modules can be packaged into a portable executable format, or PE for short. It’s a big step toward improving compatibility with Windows software, especially copy protection, Windows debuggers, and other types of apps and games that have frequent problems with Wine. It also opens the door for Wine to run on non-Unix operating systems more reliably, and could one day allow x86 applications to run on ARM hardware without additional compatibility layers.

According to the developers, this change took four years. It still needs some polishing, though – some programs may still run Unix calls instead of going through the intended NT system call path. In their announcement, the Wine team said, “Remaining direct calls will be removed during the Wine 8.x development phase.”

And while this is perhaps the most important change, it’s not the only one. Wine also improves the graphical side of things, with support for more graphics cards and a new version of the Vulkan graphics driver. We recommend that you check out the in-depth changelog if you’re interested in checking it out, because a lot has changed.

The wine is great, and this version makes it even better. Could you Install Wine 8.0 through the usual processHowever, version 8.0 may not be released to all platforms and software repositories yet. Some applications that depend on Wine, such as CrossingIt may take some time to update.

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