Wisconsin is located in Ohio, 52-21; TE Clay Condiff suffers from a leg injury

The Wisconsin Badgers (2-1) seek Their first road win in Ohio in 18 years Graham Mertz, Brylon Allen & Co. also play the 3-seeded Buckeyes (3-0) on Saturday night.

Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. at Ohio Stadium.

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Braelon Allen scores 10 games 100 yards

Allen showed his speed on a 75-yard run in the fourth quarter. He went almost untouched in the play to push his game totals to 165 yards at 23 loads, averaging 7.2 yards. Before the big run he had 90 yards in 22 attempts, averaging 4.1 yards.

The result came after Ohio State extended its jump to 38 points at 32 yards from her catch by Emeka Igboka earlier in the fourth quarter.

result: Ohio State 52, Wisconsin 21.

Jackson Acker gets his first TD catch

Wisconsin is on track for its second loss of the season, but its second touchdown lead at night is one of the pros of the night.

The Badgers put together an 80-yard, 14-game drive that lasted 7 minutes and 32 seconds off the clock. Graham Mertz hit linebacker Jackson Aker flat to land 2 yards with 9:46 left in the game.

The Badgers turned four chances for third place on the drive, including a scoring play.

result: Ohio 45, Wisconsin 14

Big Time Pitch Adds To Ohio State Leadership

CJ Stroud has NFL potential and part of the reason is throws like the one he made to put the Buckeyes in the lead, 45-7, with 2 minutes and 22 seconds in the third quarter. Facing the first goal and the 8-goal, Stroud fired a diagonal into Emeka Egbuke between corner back Cedrick Dort and safety Preston Zachman who demonstrated his accuracy and arm strength.

Another great Ohio play, Wisconsin dismayed.

Buckeyes Carving continues UW

In the third quarter, Ohio State wrapped up where it left off against Badger’s defense. The #5 touchdown campaign covered eight plays, 72 yards and lasted 3 minutes and 38 seconds off the hour.

CJ Stroud hit Julian Fleming down the slope in third, 5 of 12 and Fleming crossed two UW defenders in order to make it into the finish zone. The extra point gave Ohio State a 38-7 advantage at the 9:35 mark of the third quarter.

Stroud completed 13 of 20 passes for 208 yards and three touchdowns.

Clay Condiff has a left leg injury

For the second year in a row, Kondev had to be ejected from the field due to a left leg injury. The youngster had a flat pass in Ohio State 48’s first game during the last minute of the first half and was flipped by Tanner McAllister for 3 yards.

Many of you will remember that Kondev He injured his leg again in Iowa last year. It was in his right leg. He suffered a dislocated right ankle, a broken fibula, and a torn ligament in the back of the foot.

There was no first word on the injury he sustained on Saturday, but he was clearly in pain and received immediate attention from the UW coaches.

The injury added to the first-half humiliation for Wisconsin. The Badgers trailed, 31-7, with Ohio State having the leading edge in total yards, 328-96, and yards per game, 8.2-3.4

Holds UW’s defense….kinda

The Badgers scored a slight victory late in the first half when they kept Ohio State out of the end zone for the first time in the game. However, they didn’t keep the Buckeyes team off the scoreboard. Noah Ruggles’ 25-yard field goal with 2:20 in the left half pushed his team up 31-7.

The longest ride was in Ohio, at 6 minutes 11 seconds, and came after the only UW drive in the half.

Badgers hit paydirt at 1 yard run by Graham Mertz

Mertz’s score came in with 8:31 left in the first half and completed an impressive 10-yard run of 72 yards that took 4:55 of the hour. The big play of possession was a 26-yard pass from Mertz to Skyler Bell in third and a 9 off Buckeyes 40.

UW used the Wildcat formation multiple times upon acquisition. The second time Braelon Allen took the snatcher and ran down the middle for a 5 yard gain that left the ball inches from the goal line.

It’s an understatement to say the Badgers needed that drive. Now let’s see if they can build on this momentum.

Ohio 28, Wisconsin 7

Big third run leads to fourth place OSU TD

Wisconsin struggled off the field tonight. He had a chance to keep Ohio State in a field goal attempt over the Buckeyes’ first possession in the second quarter, but in the third and third of 24 linebacker Jordan Turner couldn’t finish Mian Williams behind the scrimmage streak to gain 21 yards to UW 3.

In the next play he was in the second area. The extra point gave Ohio State a 28-0 lead with 13:33 left in the first half.

After one quarter, the numbers were ugly for the UW

The first quarter is complete. Here are some of the numbers behind Ohio State’s 21-0 lead.

yardage: Ohio 210, Wisconsin 23

First defeats: Ohio 12, Wisconsin 1

The Buckeyes have 12 plays of 10 yards or more. OSU quarterback CJ Stroud completed nine of 10 passes for 142 yards.

CJ Stroud and Cade Stover called again

Badgers do not appear well in front of a national audience. Ohio State offense continues to shred the UW defense. Touchdown No. 3 on a seven-game 70-yard run that ends with a 2-yard touchdown pass from Stroud to Stover with 3:55 left in the first quarter. There were five plays of 10 yards or more on the drive.

result: Ohio 21, Wisconsin 0

Graham Mertz interception leads to second OSU TD

Meretz may wish his first night had passed. For second and 10 of the Buckeye 36, he targeted the Mertz Chimere Dike. However, the two seemed to have a misunderstanding. The dam cut its way out. He threw Mertz inside where he was waiting for Tanner McAllister.

McAllister returned the intercept 30 yards to UW 16. Next, Stroud hit a tight end Cady Stuffer for a 13-yard touchdown at the 8:54 mark. In the play, Stroud rolled to his left and when the defense flushed with him, he hit Stroud on the right side of the field for an easy pass and capture.

If you count, that means 14 points in less than 3 1/2 minutes of possession for Ohio State.

Ohio State don’t waste time getting to the finish zone

All the Buckeyes needed on their first landing run was two minutes, 41 seconds and six plays to cover 88 yards. Mian Williams scored a 2-yard run at the 12:13 mark. The Buckeyes had three plays of 15 yards or more that included a 33-yard pass from CJ Stroud to Emeka Egbuka that gave the team a first and a 2-yard goal.

UW opened the game by playing a 2-4-5 alignment against Ohio State’s explosive attack.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba is among the out-of-stock Buckeyes

The notable wide receiver returned to play last week after missing week two against Arkansas State and collecting two passes. He is one of 10 players outside of OSU. Ohio does not list the nature of the injury or part of the body in its case report.

Omari Abu

WR cam door

CB Cam Brown

CB Jordan Hancock

LB Mitchell Melton

LB Teradja Mitchell

DT Zach Prater

RP Evan Pryor

T. Joe Royer

WR Jackson Smith Ngigba

LT Jack Nelson is out; The offensive line must be adjusted…again

The Badgers without all of the interventions would be better tonight.

Right tackle Riley Mallmann will not play for the third week in a row due to a left leg injury. Saturday’s news is the loss of left-footed tackler Jack Nelson, who will not play due to illness.

Disease means more confusion in the line that She underwent a big change last week When Tanor Bortolini replaced Michael Fortney in the right guard position and Tre Widge took charge of the right tackle for Logan Brown. Nelson’s illness opens the door for Brown in a left tackle, a position he has played for the team so far this season.


K Vito Calvaruso – leg (right)

TE Cam Large – Leg (Right)

OL Riley Mahlman – leg (left)

OL Jack Nelson – Illness

LB Bryan Sanborn – arm (left)

CB Alexander Smith – leg (right)

OLB Aaron Witt – leg (right)

S Hunter Wohler – leg (left)

QB Chase Wolf – leg (right)

off season

S Travian Blaylock – leg (right)

DeMike Jarvis – leg (left)

ILB Luna Larson – leg (right)

Isaac Townsend – leg (left)

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