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This month, the 8 billionth adult human being was born. But that number could discount a sobering fact: Population trends in many parts of the world are declining, even as growth continues in much of the South. It is a phenomenon that will shape the future, like any other trend.

This future is the loose topic of this edition of specifiedCreated by the Future Perfect team at Vox. The future is perfect is the part of Vox that digs into stories that are sadly overlooked but really important. Whether it’s highlighting innovations that are reshaping society, calling attention to quietly monumental politics, or interrogating ideas that can reshape moral and ethical standards, Future Perfect is a guide to the future that is–and can be.

This approach is what animates this edition of The Highlight. We hope you enjoy it.

Brian Walsh (Editor, Future Perfect) & Albert Ventura (Editorial Director, Vox)

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Is 8 billion people too much – or too few?

Welcome to the population paradox of the twenty-first century.

Written by Brian Walsh

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The dizzying shrinking future of college

The American school-age population is about to collapse. It will change higher education forever.

Written by Kevin Curry

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Will America continue to shy away from vaccines? (coming tomorrow)

Covid-19 vaccines helped stem the pandemic, but public skepticism about them could kill future vaccines.

Written by Yasmin Tayaj

The photo's photorealistic illustration shows Robert Greenstein, an older white man with short gray hair and a moustache, taking off a pair of black-rimmed glasses to look at the viewer.  Behind him is a stylized drawing of clouds and wind in orange and white.  The suit he wears consists of several upward-facing hands in shades of blue.

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Robert Greenstein’s Unconventional Revolution (coming tomorrow)

Robert Greenstein is not a household name. But his four-decade career prompted Washington to sew a safety net that changed the lives of millions of Americans.

By Dylan Mathews

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AI experts are increasingly afraid of what they are making (coming Monday 28th November)

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, more capable, and changing the world every day. Here’s why that might not be a good thing.

by Kelsey Piper

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Poor countries are developing a new paradigm for mental health care. America takes note. (coming Monday 28th November)

This is what the future of mental health could look like.

By Segal Samuel

Editors: Brian Walsh, Elbert Ventura
Copy editors: Kim Eggleston, Elizabeth Crane, Caitlin Penzi Moog, Tanya Bay
Art Direction: debt to me
public: Gabriela Fernandez, Shira Tarlow, Agnes Mazur, Mary Perkins
Production/Project Editors: Susanna Locke, Nathan Hall

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