Yankees’ Aaron Boone and Clark Schmidt Explain Umpires Checking RHP’s Glove Before Ejecting Reds Coach David Bell


May 19, 2023;  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA;  New York Yankees pitcher Clark Schmidt (36) started pitches against the Cincinnati Reds in the first inning at Great American Ball Park.  Mandatory credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports
May 19, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Clark Schmidt (36) stadiums vs Cincinnati Reds At halftime at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports / © Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

After RHP German DomingoExpulsion, suspension and fine using foreign matter the Yankees6-3 win at Toronto Blue Jays On Tuesday, New York avoided another hit on Friday.

In the middle of the fifth inning of Yankees win 6-2the judges extensively examined RHP Clark Schmidtwho briefly left for the dugout but stayed in the game and entered the sixth.

Reds manager David Bell He argued against the crew’s decision not to fire Schmidt and ended up being ejected from the game himself.

“I won’t talk about it,” Bill said. “I think it’s probably obvious what happened and I’ll leave it at that. We don’t get the benefit of me talking about this, so I’m not going to talk about it, but what happened was obvious.”

home plate rule Brian Honora He said he had “no choice to take out” Bell.

“This is our estimate,” Onora said. (Third Rule Rule) Nestor (kajaSchmidt’s examination. (Kaga) Notice something is a little tacky. He called the entire crew down. It wasn’t shiny. It was not as dark as pine tar. That fluff was from the inside of Schmidt’s glove, I think. As a crew, he (Schmidt) told us to wash up if he stops. washed. Nothing was in his hand. It wasn’t sticky and it wasn’t a foreign substance.”

Aaron Boone He shared the same perspective on Schmidt, who started by pitching five scoreless innings as the Yankees took a 1-0 lead.

“They checked his hands, he’s fine and he has black gloves,” Boone said. “So when they checked it, it was black here, which is, basically, the black fur of a gauntlet, in the middle of the innings, with the rosin and the sweat—that color just got to his wrist, so they just wanted him to wash his wrist.”

Schmidt provided direct details.

“Basically what happened is… when I came out for the fifth inning, the third base umpire checked me,” Schmidt said. “He checked my hands and said they were absolutely fine, but then he checked the back of my wrist, where the glove slides in, and I’m using a black glove, and there’s black fur inside the glove. And throughout the game, the sweat, the rosin, kind of builds up on the back of my wrist, where it sits fur.

And so, they asked a question. And so, we went to the home plate umpire and he checked and he checked my hand and there was nothing wrong with my hand — they weren’t sticky at all. And so, then he saw the black fur that was on the back of my wrist and he said, “Go clean it up.” And so, I went and cleaned it up. But there seemed to be no concern of it sticking or anything to my hands, so that’s basically what happened.”

“I see, the league is very sensitive about that right now,” Schmitt added. “You see it all over the league, guys looking a little bit deeper, and it’s a complete thing — and I have nothing to hide. I go among these guys every turn, and they check me every turn. You obviously don’t want to be kicked out of a game.” When something like this happens and especially when we play a guy like that.

“Your heart starts beating a little faster, because you don’t want to affect the team where they have to down (while they’re) downing another pitch. But other than that, I felt okay with, obviously, the score. Luckily, they let me in.” Because there was no worry of stickiness. But that’s all there is to it.”

The German received a 10-game suspension as he pressed a Yankees running back from top starting LHP Carlos Rodonwho has been at IL since March 30th with a left forearm strain.

“Obviously, we need to avoid that at all costs and make sure we hold each other accountable all the time,” Boone said.


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